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Re: 1.0 RC – How to force all post into 1 category?



Heh, Sam. It’s been like that since the 0.7 series I think. I’ve only ever had one forum, but it always showed the dropdown :-) I used to fix it but them maintaining the changes across updates became a hassle.

Also, the width of the dropdown was never wide enough, in FF3 (and FF2) at least. Never really tested it. I can’t recall if it was fixable with CSS or if that width was in the template. I think in the template with a width=”xx” value.

Was going to take a screenshot just now, but I realized I took the select out in my installation, so people don’t have to choose, and hardcoded the value into the form. BUT, there is still a dropdown with just one value (if you have just one forum) when you’re logged in as keymaster and you have the option to move the topic to another forum. Probably shouldn’t even show the option to move it to another forum if there’s only one.

Weird that this is just coming up now. I always just thought it was normal.

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