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Re: 1.0 alpha 2: Cannot post messages with http://


It’s not a generl URL issue but a weird one.

If you look at the following message which was troublesoem to post:

As a member, when I copy and paste from line 1 “Hello World” to line 8 “ (INTERNATIONAL DEMONSTRATIONS ON CLIMATE-CHANGE)” it posts OK

But, whe I copy from line 1 to line 9 “ (“CAMPAIGN AGAINST CLIMATE-CHANGE”)” I get the above PHP error.

So, I just tried line nine on its own by that Posts OK. I thought it may be the odd double quote charcaters but line 7 has these so that wasn’t the issue.

This is very weird – any suggestions!?

I’m going to try to post lines 1 to 9 in the next reply on this topic to see if the re-direct without posting happens.

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