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phpBB -> bbPress and WordPress together

  • Hello, I am importing phpBB posts into a new bbPress forum, which will be integrated with WordPress. How can I do this with the least bit of headache? Thanks a ton!

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  • Sorry to get back to you late here. I would imagine that importing from phpBB into bbPress will associate the users into bb_users. Being integrated, bbPress uses wp_users. That might cause some problems. Maybe you can edit the phpBB => bbPress importer to put the users into wp_users versus bb_users. That being said, *****BACKUP EVERYTHING FIRST******

    You might want to install a test install on your server and try it there first as I am not sure what the consequences of doing it would be. Nothing too painful, but it might make you have to make a few changes to make sure the posts get associated with the right authors! One way to find out! Good luck!



    Thanks. What I did was edited the importer to use wp_users instead of bb_users and it worked perfectly.

    One thing you may run into is conflicting user IDs between phpbb users and existing wordpress/bbpress users. If so, you can change the user IDs in phpbb before you import it by using this mod:

    By changing the user IDs in phpbb to 99991, 99992, and so on, so they don’t conflict when they come over.


    Fortunately I haven’t noticed any of that yet, as I started from scratch with a clean WP and bbPress install before doing the import. Thanks!

    I’m using a translator, I would like to import my phpbb 3 for wordpress the easy way and practice …

    great post problem solved

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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