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  • Did you get this fixed? I get this error on my register page.

    If it helps, my host upgraded my database from 3.23.58 to version 4.1.21 for mySQL database. The error did not exist until after the upgrade. Not sure if there is anything I can do. Ensuring it wasn’t a file that I may or may not have edited earlier, I uploaded all the files again from a fresh download. The error is still there.

    I am kinda stuck here.

    Did you get this going?


    Sorry, one more thing. An example of this is my forum if you want a look (click on my name in this post). I was using Nucleus and phpbb for comments and moved over to WordPress for new posts and eventually moved phpBB to bbPress.


    I haven’t heard of an export from bbPress to WordPress, but I don’t imagine that someone couldn’t write one in a hurry if they understand both programs. If you already have posts in punbb, you could easily export those posts to phpbb format and then use the import from phpbb to bbPress.

    If you already have your comments and posts in a forum, why not setup a new WordPress blog once you have all your posts imported into bbPress and then have all new posts in WordPress go to bbPress for comments and further discussion. That way, all your old posts are already in the forum and all new posts will end up there as well. This is easily done with the bbPress-Post plugin. All new wordpress articles are created in bbPress and a link is placed in the wordpress post to the corresponding bbPress post.

    Just something to think about.


    In reply to: Nice work!

    Very nice! That is a well integrated template change! Good job!


    That would be great! I was actually suprised that Akismet doesn’t stop the registrations as well as the comments considering the power that it has. I can’t seem to find any way to limit spam registrations on bbPress, but something may exist.

    If we can stop the ‘bozo’ user from integrating over to the WordPress side, then would it be best to leave that ‘bozo’ user in bbPress? Would it be worth having something that would delete ‘bozo’ users automatically at some point?

    What would you recommend I do about this?

    Thank you kindly,

    Trent Adams

    One more thing….where exactly (when integrated with wordpress) does it store the ‘bozo’ information on a user? I have went through all the tables in bbPress and WordPress and I can’t seem to find it. I thought maybe adding a filter in the plugin might work, but I don’t know how to call it since it isn’t a database call.



    I really love these 2 plugins! Thank you! Could I make a suggestion though? Would it be possible to add an option to have accounts that are created in bbPress and marked as ‘bozo’ not be added to WordPress. I am having trouble with ‘many’ and I mean ‘many’ spam bots registering in bbPress and then moved over to WordPress. I know they cannot really add comments because of Akismet, but I hate going in and seeing these users in WordPress.

    If I leave the user as Bozo, is it worth deleting them or leaving them as bozo anyway? Should I move them to ‘blocked’ or delete them? It really makes it tough as I am not quite sure what to do!



    I had a similar problem. Being an admin in WordPress doesn’t mean you automatically get to be an admin in bbPress. Only the key master you created upon install of bbPress can access the admin. Once that user is in the admin area, you can add your WordPress admin as an admin of bbPress.


    Maybe ask the plugin author. Not sure.

    Stupid question, so forgive me…..bbpress-integration.php plugin is installed in WordPress and not in bbPress?


    Mine just works with the bbpress-integration.php plugin. Does you login move over? What I mean is login in WordPress and move over to bbPress and remain logged in as the user you just logged in WordPress as?


    If you are integrated with WordPress, you have to delete the user in WordPress. I learned this the hard way.

    Very nice! Trying it out now! How did you get the avatars to work?


    Thanks for the reply. I have included the generic php file and it seems to be working. Of course, how could I test it?!


    Just copy ‘search-form.php’ out of bb-templates and upload it to my-templates after editing that file for the size.


    In reply to: Importing from phpBB

    Did you edit the plugin to have your database username, database name and password? The plugin requires that information hardcoded into the space provided.


    MODS! Please erase this man’s database username and password! Max, it will be erased by a mod, but it probably shouldn’t post the actual database, username and password in the forum!

    Maybe try changing:

    $bb->mod_rewrite = true;


    $bb->mod_rewrite = false;

    That will find out if it is just a ‘fancy URL’ problem.



    What steps did you take? Did you install bbpress in another database or did you install it again in the current database that WordPress is at. If you installed in another database and then exported out the bb_ prefix tables and imported them in the database with the wp_ prefix tables, nothing should have happened to WordPress. Either way, nothing should have happened to wordpress because bbpress uses the login information from WordPress, not vice-versa. When I installed bbpress, I chose the ‘key master’ as an account that isn’t the admin in WordPress. That is a pain because I have to login as 1 user to administer bbpress and logout and login as another user to administer WordPress. Of course, I figured all this out after importing my phpBB posts…..

    I understand what you are saying. You are getting the page that says (translated to English):

    Already Installed

    You appear to have already installed bbPress. Perhaps you meant to run the upgrade scripts instead? To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.

    Here is a question…..which database is your WordPress installed in with the wp_ prefix in the database? I would assume that just looking at your WordPress wp-config.php file would have the database information. Then I would make sure that your bbPress config.php has the same database information. If you run the install and it says the same error as above, I am 99.9% sure that the bb_ in in that database.

    Alright now…assuming I am wrong, why not change the config.php file for bbPress to see if you can install in one of your other databases to see if something else causing your installer problems. Then you can run the install for the user ‘key master’ that you want and then export the tables out of that database and then import them into your current wordpress database.

    Just a thought… least somewhere to start!


    Robert….here is what you do. Go into the cpanel and delete all the bb_ prefix tables in your database. That will allow you to properly run the ‘intall’ program again. It won’t let you re-install as long as the tables are there. You most likely will have access through cpanel to phpMyadmin or a similar tool. Login into that as you username and password for the database to view it. Maybe ask your host if you need to.

    Hope that helps.


    I had another post about the ‘key master’, but is was whatever account you used as the administrator when you installed bbPress. Actually, this plugin is installed in WordPress. It then pulls the users out of bbPress over to WordPress to sync the users. You need to install it at wordpress I believe.


    In your setup of bbPress, it asked who the ‘key master’ would be for the administrator. Whatever user account you used there will be the admin of the bbpress forum.

    The bbpress tables in the database will be in the ‘patrimoi_wrdp1’ database with your host with the prefix for files being bb_

    As for the problems you are getting, I am a little unclear what you have fixed and what is still wrong. Could you summarize all the above posts to see if I can help more?

    As for the ‘editing of post’, maybe a MODERATOR will see this post or your other post and can edit it for you. Suprised that we can’t edit our own posts here, but can in WordPress forums……

    Can’t remember where we talked about this Tammy, but for other users viewing this post, the problem was the URL setup for the blog in the config.php that was causing the ‘redirect cookie’ problem. Search tags in forum for cookie and there will be more details.

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