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My first plugin (post count)

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  • Very nice! Trying it out now! How did you get the avatars to work?


    I’m about to post it actually :)

    However, let me warn you ahead of time, it does require a single change to a core file.

    Cool THX, maybe its a feature in the next Version :)

    Just wondering, is it possible to have the plugin count only active threads? I have a count for all threads (even deleted ones) right now. Not that they shouldn’t be counted because they were created, but since they are gone forever, maybe an option to count only current posts would be useful?


    Ok, made the change. Added a part to the query where it only counts posts whose status is 0 (which means it’s not deleted or spam). It’s updated on the same link from above, new version number .73a

    Wow…that was fast! Thanks! Believe it or not that dropped posts in my personal forum from 290 back to 266!



    how do i display the posts under the usernames on the left side on the forum?!

    i managed to display them below each post, but that is not nice to see.

    I put the plugin code under the username. Compare the following code to your post.php in your templates. Make sure you are editing post.php and placing it in /my-templates/post.php.

    <div class="threadauthor">

    <p><strong><?php post_author_link(); ?></strong><br />

    <small><?php post_author_type(); ?></small><br />

    <small><?php post_count(); ?></small></p>


    <div class="threadpost">

    <div class="post"><?php post_text(); ?></div>

    <div class="poststuff"><?php _e('Posted:'); ?> <?php bb_post_time(); ?> <a href="<?php post_anchor_link(); ?>">#</a> <?php post_ip_link(); ?> <?php post_edit_link(); ?> <?php post_delete_link(); ?></div>


    This is the entire post.php, but obviously where I have the code is near the top.


    The change wasn’t hard, just added an additional check to the SQL query and I apparently saw your post soon after you made it…

    Looks impressive though doesn’t it? You posted a request and 24 minutes later, I filled it? :D

    thanks a lot Trent!

    btw: great plugin, ardentfrost!

    @topiQ – No problem!

    @Ardenfrost – That is very impressive!


    Very handy! Thanks! :D

    Jimmy B.


    Just installed this and it works wonderfully. Great job!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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