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  • This plugin is causing me some errors. It has to do with the portion of the plugin:


    Not sure why, but it kills me registration on the forum. Instead of the ‘register’ button, it spits out the following error:

    bb_get_user needs a numeric ID

    If goes back to working if I delete the plugin. Could you maybe take a look into this one?



    If you haven’t already figured it out, the culprit might be the Akismet configuration not being right in your config.php. Maybe check that out.


    Another lesson I shall not forget….akismet configuration!

    Good to see it works!


    What are you installed on? WAMPP or something else?


    First off, which plugin are you using with WP for LDAP authentication?

    My understanding of some of the plugins is that the user has to be created in WP first. Not sure if they automate this process or not. All that changes is the authentication process, the password from the LDAP server and maybe the cookie.

    Standard WP and bbPress integration works with sharing the WP users. If the LDAP plugin doesn’t use the WP user password, not sure if this information would move over to bbPress.

    Short of testing it, I would imagine it would depend on whether the password is updated in the WP users table of the database. Maybe ask the plugin author if he/she thinks this would be possible?

    Another thing, there is a plugin that pulls the users out of WP into bbPress. That being said, if the username and password are stored in WP, then there shouldn’t be a problem integrating even with using LDAP.

    Of course, if someone else knows something that could be added to this discussion, please do!


    Kinda shooting in the dark here, but will it install as http://localhost/forum/bb-admin/install.php ?

    I am not sure if bbPress has to be installed with a fully qualified domain name or not.

    Maybe check out this thread as well in your search.

    (I know it is MU WordPress, but same principle may apply)


    Is there any indications that any of is readable? Just to be clear as well, is the address you are trying to reach or just going to to get redirected.


    Seems to be top notch Spencer. Excellent!

    In reply to: Private Forum script

    Good thinking. Using the logged in status natural to bbPress to do this. Just looking at the code it would work, but I will test this out on my dev forum and report back as well. I could see this expanded into a plugin very easily….


    No problem! Happy to point out what took me several searches to piece together!


    If you haven’t figured this out already, but there is a plugin for doing this at and it does the following:

    Share user accounts between your WordPress blog and your bbPress forums.

    This plugin ensures current WordPress users can use the forum. As for registrations in bbPress and adding them to WordPress Users, check out:

    It is a WordPress plugin to bring across the information for bbPress registrations.

    My blog is setup so users can register in WP or bbPress because with these 2 plugins, it doesn’t matter where they register.



    In reply to: Problem with my Domain

    First off, you are missing a slash to seperate the forum and all the URL’s that it generates. The actual place you installed bbPress is:

    You need to adjust some things in your config.php file in the bbPress root (above directory)

    // If your bbPress URL is , the examples would be correct.

    // Adjust the domain and path to suit your actual URL.

    // Just the domain name; no directories or path. There should be no trailing slash here.

    $bb->domain = ''; // Example: ''

    // There should be both a leading and trailing slash here. '/' is fine if the site is in root.

    $bb->path = '/Forum/';

    As to make sure it integrates, config.php should have something like this:

    // The rest is only useful if you are integrating bbPress with WordPress.

    // If you're not, just leave the rest as it is.

    $bb->wp_table_prefix = wp_; // WordPress table prefix. Example: 'wp_';

    $bb->wp_home = ''; // WordPress - Options->General: Blog address (URL) // No trailing slash

    $bb->wp_siteurl = ''; // WordPress - Options->General: WordPress address (URL) // No trailing slash

    /* Stop editing */

    Keep in mind this is no exactly depending on whether this is just WP or WPMU that you are using. As well, this assumes that you have those addresses in your WP options as well.

    I think you will get the idea from this example though.


    Weird. That solution doesn’t fix my problem. Hmm….


    I spoke with the author of the plugin and he is considering it for a future release of the plugin. That is GREAT news as Tony the Tiger would say!


    I don’t think WP user roles can be used in bbPress yet. In bbPress, you are either a user, a bozo or not registered. WordPress obviously has more roles. Unless I am missing something, that is where we are until someone writes a plugin or they change the bbPress core.

    I think it is as simple as editing a couple files:



    Just change them to what information you want to display and upload them to:



    Uploading to my-templates is the key because it doesn’t change the original login form pages. If you make a mistake, you just delete the one in that folder and bbPress will use the originals in bb-templates.


    I think we discussed this in the MU forums, but if you are still having trouble, let us know.

    I don’t think so. There is a way to edit the search template on your bbPress forum though to add another option to search your entire domain using google. I would just search the forum for it if you are interested, but not being what you want, I think it will take some time to get someone to write a plugin to do it for us.


    Good to here Spencer!


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    Sorry, one more thing. I post on a forum in Russia and because I am ‘quote unquote’ posting into the future, it shows up as -1 year until that post timestamp catches up to the server time. It is about 9 hours before it shows up as a current post.


    In reply to: freshness = -1 years

    I don’t know why, but my bbPress wouldn’t get the right time either. Keep playing with the timezone (+ or -) until a recent post has the right time. That will fix it in the shortrun. I am mountain (-7) and had to use Atlantic (-3) for it to work. The config.php file takes the timezone not that of the poster, but rather the timezone of the server it lies in. That is why you must play with it.


    Anyone have an idea? I can’t stand having to have registration through WordPress because it gets more spam registrations than bbPress….


    The anarchy media plugin works to call many different file types, but it doesn’t work for youtube yet. It could take someone working the plugin for bbPress for it to work for youtube. I don’t know how, but maybe check out the anarchy plugin standalone to see if the file types there can work for you.

    Userbase is still increasing on this software as the first real release wasn’t that long ago. I just starting using this 2 or 3 weeks ago and came across your thread last night.

    If you still need help, there are more and more people looking at this thread that can give you some insight.

    I would imagine with the image plugin at because I don’t think anyone else has created the image side of the javascript unless I am mistaken!


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