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  • I have the same problem. I tried Human Test and bb-NoSpamUser and they didn’t work properly. I don’t want to try Akisment because it makes to many faults and blocks real users.

    I just installed reCaptcha. I’ll let you know if it works.

    I have the same problem. I tried Human Test and bb-NoSpamUser and they didn’t work properly. I don’t want to try Akisment because it makes to many faults and blocks real users.

    I just installed reCaptcha. I’ll let you know if it works.

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    don’t think so

    err.. (1.)forums with different databases or (2.) just different forums in ONE bbPress Install?

    1. export database, import to the new one except of the options- tables and so on

    2. Log in to bbPress, go to your Topic you want to move (frontend), go to the bottom of the page to the “move topic to” section and select the forum you want. Click on “move” or something similar – done.

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    don’t think so

    same here

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    >WP is 2.7.1 and bbPress is Both are the latest versions.

    partly – bbPress has the 1.0 alpha (unstable!). And you should integrate the 1.0 with wp 2.7

    I think there is some plugin to integrate 0.9 with wp 2.7 but still… read some topics about the compatible versions in this forum.

    In general:

    WP < 2.7 & BBpress < 1.0: yes

    WP >= 2.7 & BBpress < 1.0: no

    WP < 2.7 & BBpress >=1.0: no

    WP >= 2.7 & BBpress >= 1.0: yes

    but remember: the 1.0 alpha is not recommended to use on live sites.

    (sorry if my english isn`t correct, i hope you get what i want to say)

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    On Linux, well, if you have that I don’t need to tell you what you have.

    so true! :D

    as you can see in many post outta there, bbpress 0.9 and wordpress 2.7 aren’t integrated well to each other without a special plugin. you have three options to get your integration working:

    1. upgrade bbpress to unstable 1.0 alpha version

    2. downgrade you wordpress to 2.5

    3. use a plugin to get your current versions working together.

    following thread should help you out

    did you noticed the new way of integration in bbPress 1.0 and wp 2.7.x ?

    You can use some plugins to get the stable 0.9 of bbpress working with wp 2.7.

    whatever i think this thread should help you much more:

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    which version of bbpress are you using exactly and which language do you want to have bbpress in?

    sorry… the widget link thing sould be something like:

    <a href="" target="_self">Visit my forums</a>

    ok that avatar thing is an other concern. I think you should ask that question in the comments of the plugin itself or the plugin homepage or an extra topic in the plugins support forums.

    To the theme thing.

    Yes it’s my theme. I forgot to say: the navigation thing i mentioned is only usefull, when you use a self-made navigation like i do. If you use the wordpress sidebar to navigate through your site, you should use also the sidebar to link to your forums. E.g. you can do the following:

    Go to you widget options in wp-admin, add a text-widget to you sidebar and write something like:

    Visit my Forums

    in the widget. Save and you’ll get a forum link in you sidebar.

    I don’t know how to display the hole wp-sidebar in bbpress. I think thats a little bit more difficult. But you could write in your bbpress theme a link above the forums itself that links back to you wordpress.

    In my opinion the easiest way to “integrate” the themes is, to use a self-made navigation.

    Many wordpress themes use self-made navigations also.


    of course it is. But not the way you think. You have to work around a little. I’ll explain:


    fully integrated with a navigation that links to my wordpress sites.


    This is not the wordpress theme! Maybe you can see a little difference in my head-picture between the forums page and the others.

    You have to copy/recreate your wordpress theme in bbpress. bbpress uses the same theme system than wordpress. so you do a theme for bbpress that looks exactly like the wp ones. you also use the same navigation. Then i looks fully integrated like my bbpress. But it isnt really THAT integrated. it does the job…

    and if you e.g. want to change a navigation menu or something other in you theme, you have to do it in BOTH! WP and bbPress theme.

    hope you can figure it out now

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    looks interesting. But i was kinda confused at the first (and second) look.



    nothin more to this post from me. I just a want to apologise to -ck-. I didn’t get (until now) that ur female. I have spoken to you like you were male. I’m sorry for that.

    And i really don’t wanted to attack you personally if you think. I just criticized the information about this magic question that you give. I also understand that you’re done with it.

    Keep up the good work guys. All of you.



    nobody cares if bbPress stable will be ready in many months _ck_. I think the biggest problem here is this:

    The community: we, us, who use bbPress (alpha or not) report bugs, try all, use your plugins, make it public… we are also a piece of the “raise of bbPress”. We are all very thankfull for the work that you guys do, but what if nobody use it? It would be work for nothin. And it’s just a thing of respect and good will to get the community informated. So if e.g. you don’t know when its ready, dont write “stop asking” or “ready when ready”… try instead “i don’t know” …? So all of us will wait for a reply from someone that knows. Like Sam. And he replied. And it was really informative for us all. Lots of ppl like me are a little happier :-) now, so where is the problem? Chill…

    (sorry if you cant understand my english)

    and just for my personal info: are you (_ck_) working on bbPress itself? or “just” the plugins? Because why reply you always to this questions if the question is not for you (when you’re not working on core product)?



    thanks a lot sam for this post. Finally we got some information instead of _ck_’s: “why shouldnt you ask something like that”.

    @ ck: Sorry buddy, i really appreciate your plugin work and your -try- to support ppl, but in this case (info about 1.0 beta/stable), you’re going the wrong way.

    Thanks again Sam!



    totally understand fooyo. And i agree



    ok guys i just can’t get it

    i figured out, that the file where wiseacre brought me to is the pot for the Alpha 5! I found a pot file for the Alpha 6 @

    1 Documentation

    2 Installation


    4 pot

    5 tags

    BUT: Big problem with that pot. I translated it two times and everytime i try to translate some phrases with:

    “%d” e.g. “%d topic:”

    then this phrase cant be translated. And after the try, the pot file is broken. i cant open it anymore and ALL TRANSLATIONS are gone. thats very very frustrating.

    Problem of me or problem of this


    Using poEdit 1.4.2

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    I think this “connected/same template” stuff between bbpress and wpress should be discussed when its time. And for me, the time is when bbpress 1.0 final is coming out!

    To this point, i think design integration is our own job!

    i successfully integrated bbpress in my wp-design



    there it is… hide little pot file.. hide.

    thanks a lot!

    here it is

    German language file:



    i think i remember, that here in the forum are a lot of threads that says:

    WP 2.7 + bbPress 0.xx = Nope!

    WP < 2.7 +bbPress 0,xx = yes

    and finally

    WP 2.7 + bbpress 1.0 = yes

    So, either you downgrade your WP or you use the alpha version of BBpress.

    You shouldn’T get issues with login then…

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