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Problems with “Forum Is Category” in 1.0 Alpha-6

  • ggwarpig


    1) The dropdown gives me the option to post to a category (and it shouldn’t)!

    a) Start a new topic

    b) Hit the dropdown to select which forum to post to

    c) Forums that are set as categories should not be displayed here!

    When you try, it takes you too and says “Topic Has Been Closed”.

    2) Why do forums set as categories display 0 posts and 0 topics on the front page?

    a) they should not display a # at all

    b) they should display the TOTAL number of topics and posts from all of it’s child forums

    I know the trac is probably the place for submitting these issues, but I am not familiar with tracs. If these are unknown issues (which I doubt) please post them there. Otherwise, am I the only one having these issues?

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  • You’re not the only one. Same here. Hopefully someone will respond soon.

    same here



    Anyone gotten anywhere with this?



    You’re not actually trying to use Forum Is Category plugin on 1.0 are you?

    It’s built in. Unless you mean you are having trouble with the built in feature.



    _ck_, I think they mean when making a forum a category (no posts), when starting a new topic it shows up (which i think is fine to index things properly. e.g. you might have to ‘General’ Forums in 2 Categories. Anyway then it takes them to a page stating the topic is closed, since there is no posts allowed there.

    With your second question, you could probably edit that out, messing with the theme.

    Why don’t you just update to version 1.0.1? Why stay on an unstable version where bugs are expected?



    I also wanted to stop the categories from displaying ‘0’ on my front page. I followed CK’s advice and edited my theme’s front-page.php file.

    I changed

    <?php forum_topics() ?>


    <?php $cat_topics = get_forum_topics();
    if ($cat_topics > 0) {
    echo forum_topics();
    else { echo ' '; }


    <?php forum_topics() ?>


    <?php $cat_posts = get_forum_posts();
    if ($cat_posts > 0) {
    echo forum_posts();
    else { echo ' '; }

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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