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    I posted a similar issue with this today, and found this topic. I spent several days to figure out what happens to the reply edit box. I didn’t do any customising thing, but just clean install WordPress, and bbpress and tinymce advance. Also put new reply.js under the child theme dir and exactly sent it to browser. Checked it at browser to pick the correct version.

    1. created a topic
    2. created a reply by using the editor already popped up
    3. repeated 2. a couple times
    4. now I clicked one of the reply link on reply admin links
    5. ok re-reply editor sit beautifully, and re-reply created correctly.
    6. I clicked the reply link of the reply i created at 5., i.e. i tried re-re-reply, but not yet done i changed mind to click the reply link of topic admin links, without clicking “Send” button
    7. Then bbpress could not target the one that it belongs, so reply did not go under the lead topic, but previously pointed one.
    8 at this situation, no way to reply to the lead topic until get out of the topic and come into the topic again.

    When clicking a topic from the loop-topics, href=”#new-post” of reply link of topic admin links picks up /forums/topic/2nd-topic/ as url, but the reply link of reply admin links has like this /forums/topic/2nd-topic/?bbp_reply_to=21&_wpnonce=7f844b58aa#new-post”. The query “bbp_rply_to” is looked at. So click the link, uri is changed, and the href=”#new-post” of topic admin link gets meaning totally different ball park.

    When mouse to the “a href=”#new-post” of topic admin links, firefox debugger shows /forums/topic/2nd-topic/?bbp_reply_to=21&_wpnonce=7f844b58aa#new-post, NOT /forums/topic/2nd-topic/#new-post

    So, I created a reply form just under the lead topic but on top of the first reply. Named it uniquely, and put style=”display:none;” initially. I meant, when clicking the reply link of topic admin links, my own toggler js shows/hides. That is, one reply form was dedicated to the lead topic only.

    Looks great, but the following tiny thingy has no tools and text area but visual/text tabs and tag and Send.

    I tried again to every topics and replies have its own editor under reply/topic content. forms are in there but no tools no text area.

    js, i went away 17 yrs ago, makes me sick.

    Suggestion to BBPRESS : what if make every topics/replies has its own reply form ? so just toggle it when clicking reply links. If it’s a matter of ‘bites’, well, this time is Giga,terra, isn’t it ?



    Hi moderator,

    I think I should have searched a bit more narrow down. This topic is much related to this :

    how to create dynamic reply-box

    So I like to remove this, can you please do ?



    unfortunately i did not know ol style was working, so above squared is as :

    1. a visitor landed my home.
    2. he/she went to a forum.
    3. the forum showes topic index and a paginator on top or bottom of topic index box, based on the max of lines configured.
    4. the visitor travelled back and forth in site the forum by clicking the paginator.

    for ex, if the forum has 100 topics and max line is configured as 15, then paginator links would be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

    5. supposed that the visitor clicked 3-pgnator before clicked 5th topic.
    6. that is, the visitor is reading the 35th topic and replies if any.

    7. at this time the vistor changes mind to go to 2nd page.
    8. so the visitor go back to the previous topic index before clicking 2-pgnator link.



    Maybe similar with me. support forum’s landing page shows elegantly topic titles and paginator at the bottom. That’s good. Now we are clicking the paginator a couple of time, i.e we are in page #4, where clicked a topic.

    Then we can see a lead topic and replies if any. So if we want to next pages, we should get out of the topic and back to the previous, then we click again paginator to go further.

    From the view point of bbpress, it is so natural. But little bit redundant transactions were. If the topic view can duplicate the single forum topic index into bottom part, it might be to cut down one transaction from visitor. (customers complain redundant click, they dont care how, but developer cares)

    up to this point, only one statement – echo do_shortcode(‘[bbp-single-forum id=$forumid]‘) is enough to put at the bottom of conent-single-topic.php

    But problem is that it always shows from the very first page. If i am reading a topic of 5th page, the above shortcode should get synced, but still shows from very first.

    display_forum of BBP short code class does not show any clue to this issue.

    my straight guess is bbp developers consider kind of a heavy burden to mysql because entire topic-typed posts should be read for every single topic view.

    In real world out of bbpress, their forum package provide such features.

    One reason that i wrote this, to ask around you what I missed or now mislead, and better idea.

    If you think this repl is not related to this topic, i am sorry.

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