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reply link of lead-topic works very strangely

  • parmaker


    What I ve done:

    1. installed bbpress plugin
    2. added a filter bbp_show_lead_topic to do lead topic
    3. added a filter bbp_has_replies_query to do DESC order
    4. created a forum
    5. created a topic under the forum
    6. created a reply to the lead topic
    7. repeatd 6. a couple of times by clicking Reply of topic-admin-links
    8. created a reply to one of the replies created from 7., i.e. threaded reply.
    9. got out of the forum, and revisited the forum, and clicked the topic to do a reply
    a. clicked a link which is not the one of topic-admin-links, but reply-admin-links
    b. but changed mind to click the one of topic-admin-links to the lead topic (remember !! having clicked the reply-admin-links, not clicking send button)
    c. put some words into editor and Send
    d. the reply is under the reply which was clicked at a., not the lead topic

    The Reply topic-admin-links has [reply] => <a href="#new-post" class="bbp-topic-reply-link">Reply</a>

    and it is ok before any Reply of reply-admin-links is clicked.

    href=”#new-post” is pointing correctly when no bbp_reply_to is, i.e. no reply of reply-admin-links was clicked.

    The Reply of reply-admin-links has `[reply] => <a href=”/forums/topic/test-topic1/?bbp_reply_to=18&_wpnonce=1d17517a0b#new-post” class=”bbp-reply-to-link”
    onclick=”return addReply.moveForm(‘post-18′,’18’,’new-reply-8′,’8′);”>Reply</a>`

    where 8 is the lead topic id, 18 is reply id

    As far as reply-admin-links was clicked, href=”#new-post” of the Reply of topic-admin-links is meaning /forums/topic/test-topic1/?bbp_reply_to=18&_wpnonce=1d17517a0b#new-post

    I don’t know whether it is the way supposed to be.

    Or did I miss anything ?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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