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  • Can you be more specific?

    You can use Members plugin or User Role Editor plugins or use both. (I find easy to use both when creating or managing role)

    Let say you will have membership system as follows: (no need to be moderator or administrator here and no forum private setting needed here)

    Public Forums Area

    -> Guest Member (public)

    -> Participant Member (default member)

    -> No custom setting but make sure each forums is not hidden or private.

    -> Make sure this Participant Member role able to

    -> publish_replies

    -> publish_topics

    -> edit_topics

    -> edit_replies

    -> assign_topic_tags

    -> read

    Special Forums Area

    -> Participant Member can read here

    -> Special Member, you need to upgrade from Participant member

    -> No custom setting but make sure each forums is not hidden or private.

    -> Make sure this Special Member role able to

    -> publish_replies

    -> publish_topics

    -> edit_topics

    -> edit_replies

    -> assign_topic_tags

    -> read

    Restricted Forums Area

    -> VIP Member

    -> Custom setting, make sure each forums hidden.

    -> Make sure this Special Member role able to

    -> publish_replies

    -> publish_topics

    -> edit_topics

    -> edit_replies

    -> assign_topic_tags

    -> read

    -> read_hidden_forums

    And the most important to make sure you edit all forums and topics based on above setting, just edit it and you have Members plugin setting.

    Try activate members plugins and tick ‘Enable the role manager’ and ‘Enable the content permissions feature’ and when you edit a forum or topic a Members setting appears. Use it to restrict roles.

    I have latest bbPress installation but I get different permalink not like what you said above.



    Forum forums/forum/faqs/ -> I don’t have faqs forum this is just a sample. See the “/forums/forum/” that make different url.

    Buy you saying that your redirected to

    Can you provide more details about it, real url maybe. Does it related to your wp permalinks setup?

    Before I answer, I have a bbPress forum site that create for some times and I don’t really make it public. So there is no other post than mine and team (and spam that i deleted already). I still manage others projects with other team.

    1 – Are there any anti-spam measures on sign-up? (I just had to enter an email address to register here)

    Yes, I use WangGuard and reCaptcha for bbPress 2.0

    2 – Do you have to have wordpress already installed? (I was thinking of testing bbPress by itself first)

    Yes, because bbPress is a plugin

    3 – When you have wordpress installed, can it load in ‘latest posts from the forum’ in wordpress pages? Such as on category listing pages or actual blog posts.

    Yes, sample:

    Newest topics at

    Newest post … no idea yet since I don’t need it for now.

    4 – Is bbPress server efficient? vB has always been good on that front.

    vB still the best choice if you want the best forum IMHO

    5 – Is it easy to customise? The style I will want to port over is at

    Yes, but not the same. The feel maybe can be achieve by styles but not the features.

    6 – Does bbPress track unread/new posts? So any new posts can be shown in bold on the forum listing page if they contain new posts since the last visit/page refresh?

    Some modification needed, but no idea yet since I don’t even think about yet.

    Hope satisfy your need, not much but that my little knowledge about bbPress that I can share. I believe others will answer more and detailed.

    First latest bbPress don’t have custom theme, instead it (merge) using your WordPress theme. And off course you can edit how the way bbPress look by customize the styles of bbPress css but it will use your wp theme not your custom bbPress theme.

    I believe bbPress theme that you download are for bbPress 1.x

    To be the truth, there aren’t latest completed bbPress documentation except the code itself (along with description on each code or function).

    Since you are programmer that already satisfy your need IMHO.

    But I found a documentation at

    What I want is to personalize bbPress. For example, I want to show all posts, with a function to filter by user, area, etc… Is this possible ?

    I think you can, but I’m not really sure since I haven’t do that yet.

    I have visit your links and you did have the problem.

    Can you resave permalinks for both bbPress forums and WordPress, and try again.

    I don’t really know it but you can use two browser while testing it. Use chrome when login as admin and firefox when testing a usual member.

    And try your privilege configuration and testing it in both browser.

    Be sure to resave permalinks, I don’t really know about it but sometime I need to re-save permalink and then I get what I want.

    I believe only digging into database that can solve your problem. By accessing database your can find your email (located at *_users) as it default wp users table.

    In reply to: RSS feed vulnerability

    The fast way to remove feed is use redirect, try redirect using cpanel for anything contain word ‘feed’. That the temporary solutions before any correct problem solver found.

    I start believe in bbPress when the 2.0 release and I do understand that it need time to be mature but now it already satisfy my need.

    As core forum plugin, it does great platform and now I just wait for another plugins that able to make bbPress stand from the others.

    First you should disable all plugins manually using cpanel, just rename your ‘plugins’ folder into ‘plugins2’ then you should be able to enter the wp admin.

    After browse to plugins page, you will see lots of errors because of no plugins located. Then rename your ‘plugins2’ from cpanel into ‘plugins’ again and try activate a plugin one by one to figure what the culprit.

    In reply to: Installing theme issue

    First, forget any previous custom yet nice looking bbpress themes since it not usable anymore. It for bbPress 1.x

    As Anoited said now bbPress (2.x) is using your own active WordPress theme and can merge with built-ed styles and layout of bbPress. You can find it at /plugins/bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-twentyten

    You can try temporary switch your active theme to Twenty Ten to figure out what the forum will be. Then you can use your wp theme as your bbPress theme with some modifications.

    Can you describe more…

    Are you asking how to install WordPress or

    How to integrate bbPress or

    How to merge a bbpress theme into wp theme?

    In reply to: Blurry Topics?

    I think you should merge your wp styles with the bbpress.css

    Hi, here willing to help. But I can’t view your image, since I redirected to

    Can you upload it somewhere, mediafire maybe.

    After I seeing above source code, I think that my previous method (that I would like to suggest you) won’t be working as suppose.

    So I download the Suffusion theme, trying on my Xampp and found simple answer. You just need to deactivate ‘Sidebar Layout’ into 0 (Zero).

    Go to your site at

    You will have a sidebar layout options, try change the default views into 0 (Zero) or no sidebar at all. You can still manage others to have sidebar(s), just find another related options.

    Default Views

    The theme is set up with one sidebar (a two-column theme) by default. You could choose to have two sidebars (a three-column theme) or none if you want. Unless otherwise overridden in the subsequent options, this will be applied to your entire blog.

    0 (Zero) -> choose this

    1 (One)

    2 (Two)

    The save by clicking Save page ‘Sidebar Layout’

    Suffusion is way to complex for code modification, and I hope above method working as suppose, since it work on my localhost.

    Hit me if you still have trouble!

    More explanation..

    Your forums_index page is located at and displayed full-width or no sidebar. That is what you want and displays perfectly.

    But when you accessing a topic or reply it will show sidebar, it happen due each forum specific page is using specific ‘page template’ that belong to bbPress theme.

    Here example: – default forums will using ‘single-forum.php’ page template – your custom page that you use now (in my case I create custom template ‘page-forum-home.php’ to show page without sidebar. On your case just using ‘No Sidebar’ template page)

    But when you browse into (forum) – it will using ‘single-forum.php’ page template

    When you browse more (topic) – it will using ‘single-topic.php’ page template

    And that also applies when you edit something or doing something else, it will use different page template that belong to bbPress theme.

    How to solve this?

    I want you to understand that your WordPress theme (not bbPress theme) have page templates, such as

    page.php - default page
    page-full.php - page to show full width or no sidebar
    etc ... (the number varries and depend on each WP theme)

    You need to copy page-full.php or whatever page to show full width or no sidebar content (html and php styles) and replace (about 75%) for your others bbpress theme.

    That what I going to by owning your the content of “No Sidebars” page template of yours.

    So your forum will display the same layout and styles.

    I’m not sure I’m getting you. If I’m creating a new page I can chose “No Sidebars” as template, which I have done for the page where I’ve put my bbpress shortcodes ( That page looks fine.

    Yes, that what I meant and you already do that.

    The problem is when I click on a topic or whatever on that page and gets taken to another page. Like

    Then the sidebars show up.

    Its using another page template that I will describe later if you can provide me the content of “No Sidebars” page template. It will be modified to suit another template for use in bbPress.

    Did I just answer your question? :)

    I really appreciate that you’re taking your time to answer me!

    Please don’t give up on me yet :)

    For your notes, English was not my mother language. I’m Indonesian and I do love to help, since it took my two days to understand bbPress (and I still confused a lots) and able to start my own forum site. I browse this forum, since this is the only help available.

    If your php code work and displayed the date as “THU JAN 1970”, it happen due php code ‘D M Y’

    You should refer this page to change code that will suit your display need.

    <?php global $post;

    $lalaposttime = date( 'CHANGE THIS', strtotime( $post->post_id ) );

    echo $lalaposttime; ?>

    AFAIK when posts (or pages, forums, topics or replies) were saved on specific timezone, and the you change to another timezone your post date won’t be changed.

    Those new timezone only affect the next posts, and your previous post will have same post date. So when you visit your forum, it still showing old date.

    Hi TechKnow, how about your installation problem? Tell us.

    I’m not using Suffusion theme, so I not really sure if Suffusion have full-width page template. Do they have it?

    How about trying to create empty page or with some dummy content and publish it. Do the published page have sidebar?

    If yes, try change page template to ‘full-width’. If you don’t have it, post here just maybe I can help you create it. I will find Suffusion theme later, it’s free isn’t it?

    If no, then you should be okay. Just replace the dummy content with shortcode.

    Glad you solve it, I just started new forum using bbPress too and this forum is the only one where we can find answers, so lets help each others.

    Permalinks! Have you save it for WordPress and also bbPress?

    First, you never lose your forums post unless yo delete it. It just not shows, that all.

    Can you describe more about your problems? Start from the beginning.

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