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  • That is interesting to know, thanks for the clarification.

    And, yes, you’re right, it still doesn’t work at this point because of the wrapper.

    Unfortunately it’s still broken.

    But if it’s indeed a known bug with Alpha 2 (as you suggested) I’m in no hurry to fix it.

    I tried changing the Tag Clouds values on my forum with

    <?php tag_heat_map( 10, 30, ‘px’, 40); ?>

    The first three attributes work as expected, however the last setting (40) which should influence how many Tags are displayed doesn’t change a thing no matter if I set it to 1 or 100.

    I’m on Alpha 2 and latest WP.

    Just tried it and, yes, I have the same issues with 2.6.3 and 1.0.2a . Well was worth a try anyways.

    Since the move-it plugin is outdated, is there any other way to “manually” merge (or split) a topic for the time being?

    In my case I would like to add an Index reply as the first post to some of my older threads, is that possible?

    Nice concept.

    I’m away from WoW for 2 years now but it’s interesting to see that people still raid Naxxramas. ;)

    Happy birthday bbPress and a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone involved and the nice people answering questions here.

    I think that’s just a glitch in the code because the permalinks remain in the “None” type (when saved as such) even so the dropdown in the general section of the admin menu will switch back to “Name based”.

    For now, just make sure to reselect “None” when saving any other changes to General Settings I guess.

    In reply to: HELP!

    Hi chris and thank you for your suggestion.

    I looked into the function you mentioned in template_functions.php which would be around here:

    function bb_profile_data( $id = 0 ) {
    if ( !$user = bb_get_user( bb_get_user_id( $id ) ) )

    $reg_time = bb_gmtstrtotime( $user->user_registered );
    $profile_info_keys = get_profile_info_keys();
    echo "<dl id='userinfo'>n";
    echo "t<dt>" . __('Member Since') . "</dt>n";
    echo "t<dd>" . bb_datetime_format_i18n($reg_time, 'date') . ' (' . bb_since($reg_time) . ")</dd>n";

    The problem is that this functions gets the data from the currently logged in user, or so I would assume, given that it’s the data for that specific profile.

    But in order to display the registration date for each user in a topic I’d need to call the data for each user individually.

    I think it was pointed out by Sam that deep integration is still partially broken in Alpha2.

    Personally I think that this will always be a source for potential problems and decided to just emulate my wp scheme in bbpress.

    I just wanted to note that the Upgrade to Alpha 2 along with the consequent DB update during the installation process mysteriously solved the issue.

    Profile changes (both user and admin induced) are now possible without altering the pw.

    Hmm, still didn’t figure out the syntax for this. :(

    Thank you for your hard work and congrats on the progress. I’ll be Upgrading tomorrow.

    Also this wasn’t a problem with Alpha 1, right? At least it wasn’t for me…

    So I just deleted the entire forum folder (but for bb-config.php) and replaced it with the original content from bbpress-1.0-alpha.zip. Problem persists.

    That means that I can only think of three scenarios:

    1. The problem is a general problem with 1.0-alpha

    2. It has something to do with my DB and it’s implementation with WP/bbP

    3. A problem with bb-config.php? (though unlikely given the nature of the issue)

    No, I’m calling certain elements used in the WordPress header in the bbPress header too like the header.jpg and some Java for the menu. Only the things that are needed for a coherent design as is.

    I’m calling the graphics directly via header.php, footer.php and front-page.php

    I’m just loading certain components from my WP Blog to give bbPress the same appearance (header and footer graphics, menu etc.). However it’s not a deep integration via bb-config.php.

    I also deleted the entire modified template folder and replaced it with the original Kakumei template for testing reasons but the problem persisted.

    The template I’m using is just a color-modified Kakumei.

    I changed it to Kakumei Blue and tried but to no avail.

    Hi Sam,

    I just deactivated all my plugins and had another try with the testuser account but it will still change the PW if I do a Profile change (User or Admin induced).




    I assume that would be the shared key under wp_users in the DB (user_pass).

    First I noted the hash for my regular testuser account (1). Then I made a profile change for that with the admin and wrote down the new (now changed) pw hash (2). Then I made another change with the admin to testuser and, again, I get a different pw hash (3).

    However, when I aquire a new PW with testuser and change that to the original pw for testuser (4) from step 1 so that pw (1) and (4) match, the hash is again different even though it’s the same pw.

    Then I made a second testuser account and compared the hash after an admin profile change (5) with the hash from (2) and they differ.

    Hope that makes any sense.

    Yes that’s it.

    See, I have this testuser account with it’s own PW. Now when I logon to

    Admin–>Admin Panel–>Users–>Edit testuser

    and change, say, the Custom Title with the PW blank, confirm with ‘Update Profile’ , logout of Admin and try to logon to testuser again, the old PW is no longer valid.

    Yes I agree they should, but they’re not. I added a warning message for my users for the time being to reenter their original password when making profile changes even if they have no intention to change the pw.

    Yeah it’s an extremely annoying issue, especially because everything else seems fine and suddenly you’re just stuck.

    It’s good to see though that I’m not the only one with this problem. I have my hopes up that this will be solved with the Beta. The development hub looks very promising.

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