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Site url changed and locked out of admin area

  • bbpress version

    Operating System: Linux Hosting

    Configuration: 2.0

    PHP Version: 5.x

    I was trying to change the url of my bbpress forum because it was loading from the preview site that GoDaddy gave me before I made it live. In doing so I effectively locked myself out of the admin area and redirected all of the content. Is there a php file that I can re-upload to counter the changes I made or do I need to talk to my server host? The error message I get when I click on a topic or category is that safari can’t find the content on the server, I then set the url to the url I last changed it to and get the message “No input file specified.”

    Take a look at if you want to see what I am talking about.


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  • chrishajer


    If you have a tool like phpMyAdmin, I think you should be able to log in there and change the site URL.

    You used to be able to define the site URL in the bb-config.php as well. This is what used to be in that file:

    // The full URL of your bbPress install
    $bb->uri = '';


    Maybe if you put that second line in your bb-config.php maybe that will override the database settings? (Actually, I’m fairly certain that will work. Then you can update the settings in the admin.)



    Thanks for all the supporting info, too.

    Perfect, that did the trick! I appreciate the help!

    Sam Bauers


    Setting $bb->uri in your config file still works (and always should).



    I am having the same problem but I don’t see $bb->uri in my config file, I see it in my bb-settings file. Do I change it there in my bb-settings file as it is not in the config file. If I need to add it to my bb-config file where do i put it, anywhere? What effect will this have on my database in the fourm? as I believe the database is shared with wordpress so will it effect the content on the wordpress side?

    Thanks, putting that in the bb-config.php file worked for me! And it seems my settings in the admin area were updated with the new url too.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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