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    if this were done, I’m hoping it would be a fully integrated system in wordpress and bbpress. it would be nice of both applications “realize” they’re both there in the same website and perform integrated functions themselves by means of one plugin in each wp and bbp.

    an earthquake that has “broken” some cables. so Australia, East and South-East Asia are having a hard time connecting. depending where the website’s server is, loading time takes ages. this site itself is taking me a whole half minute to load a page. (we’re drifting off topic here) =P

    @ardent: i can’t access your forums, i’m cut off from certain servers due to the Taiwan 7.1 Quake. :( i’d love to try your plugins but i can’t, maybe in 3 weeks…

    if it can be done, show me how.

    ok, so help me:

    i want to make a posting form, all fields except the topic-title are hidden, that posts to forum id #2, only tag is ‘aside’, and the posted also becomes the post content.

    can this be done?

    In reply to: UTW Error

    i’ve already eMailed the UTW author (i hope she notices), perhaps we’ll get a future version of UTW that “realizes” and integrates the bbpress tags as well? (hopes…)

    but the value=”XXXXX” changes every login, what is this value? i want to create a sort of “non-forum-specific” topic submission form (reasons why is too long), but basicly i wnat to substitute the value so it works everytime… how?

    PM isn’t a big deal, it’s rarely used IMHO, cuz forums are for coming OUT (unless u’re blackmailing the next user, PMs are superfluous).

    awesome, the plugins page works!

    btw Trent, are you in the Dev team? you guys want my breadcrumbs? lol and what’s “wpnonce” for?

    yes exactly. i was hoping of producing along these lines:

    [Sticky] Title Goes Here

    This “post-count” long thread was last commented by “last-poster”, “freshness” ago. Filed under “categories/tags-list”.

    the categories/tags-list i was hoping to get. also if it would be a definable list, i could use it as the class of each of these “headings”, so it could be styled a bit differently?

    how can all this be done?

    never say it that way, i second that.

    i got this error:

    bbPress database error: [Table ‘gray_wordpress.bb_online’ doesn’t exist]

    SELECT * FROM bb_online WHERE user_id = 1 LIMIT 1

    bbPress database error: [Table ‘gray_wordpress.bb_online’ doesn’t exist]

    INSERT INTO bb_online (user_id, activity) VALUES (‘1’, ‘1167539857’)

    what happened?

    EDIT: (2 posts above) https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/283?replies=30#post-2413 seems to have fixed it.

    first an initiative would have to be put out. i REALLY think it will benefit bbPress, hope it gets into the bbPress Core files somehow.

    i’m also facing the same problem, has anyone solved it? or will bbpress work a UTW integration? =P

    i agreed, so much i’m having trouble trying to insert the wordpress’ theme’s tags into the bbpress template…

    In reply to: K2.F

    well it’s currently for my own use… i’ve made it veer a little bit off the default K2. minor edits… but if i ever perfect the K2-ness into it… i MAY release it, and post the news here too so yeah. my problem now is getting Livesearch to work in bbPress. anyone can help?

    nevermind, i figured out what went wrong:

    near the bottom…

    // Use the following line *only* if you will be loading WordPress everytime you load bbPress.

    //define('WP_BB', true);

    so i removed the //

    define('WP_BB', true);

    and that’s what caused the problem… now that i replaced the // back, integration works fine. but i have a question?

    what was that line even supposed to do? i thought load everytime means i can callup the wordpress functions in the bbpress template? or something to that extent? someone please clarify?

    it said something about capabilities.php had an error… so that’s why i added both plugins again, yet both failed to fix the problem.

    consider me a first timer dummy and guide me step by step how to go about integrating bbpress to my wordpress?

    i’ve also tried activating the plugin for the WP side, didn’t help. here’s the error msg i got…

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: __() in /home/gray/domains/unlimitedinfinity.com/public_html/sandpress/bb-includes/capabilities.php on line 27

    In reply to: Integration with WP

    none of the above helped with my situation. here’s my predicament:

    i’ve got a full running WP. so i install bb in a directory inside WP’s means ROOT/ is WP and ROOT/bbpress is bb. bbpress worked fine when it was in it’s own database too. but when i edited the few lines… at the bottom of bbpress’ config.php, to direct to wordpress’ prefixes and urls (i also edited the top lines to direct to my wordpress database as well).

    then it didn’t work… what went wrong>?

    here’s a link to the thread i started abt it…


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