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usually forums would have…

  • a better breadcrumb structure. spent an hour constructing one, but if it were only built in… also private messaging (or whispering like vanilla), topics and/or forums descriptions, categories would be nice.

    what i mean to say is take a look at phpbb, vanilla, etc. the old guys on the foruming bloc. don’t get me wrong. bbpress is a wonder to design with. but it doesn’t really cut as a top spec forum yet (we’re only 0.7?)

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  • There’s a PM plugin available. Check the Plugins tag. :)

    Keep in mind also that bbPress is still in its infantile stages. We all know this and that’s why we’re here — to help improve upon it and watch it grow up into a fuller forum software. :D

    And I’m trying to get someone to make up a plugin, or what-not for “forum categories” .. lol

    Josh said he’ll probably get on “this” then, just with the Holidays here, and his busy life.. there is no rush. ;):) I trust his awesome plugin’s and work..

    Also, as time goes on, and more plugins start coming around, the DEVS will most likely implement them into the core then.. We just need some patience.. ;) :) As it is though, I still can’t fathom how much is already available (plugin wise) for bbPress.. geesh!


    “As it is though, I still can’t fathom how much is already available (plugin wise) for bbPress…”

    Ditto that. When I first came over here, I honestly wasn’t expecting much considering how new bbPress is. I was pleasantly surprised. :)

    Part of the issue is that all the plugins have come on fast in the past couple of months. In the New Year, we will have working and all the plugins will be in one place. Part of the fun of bbPress is the ability to have a light core file system and expand with plugins as most users don’t need all the functionality. phpBB is a great system, but extremely bloated for most users that don’t need all the functionality!

    As for the plugins that are around now, WOW! Thomas, Ardentfrost, So10 and others are popping them out like crazy! I would imagine no less than 50 plugins more in 2007. Can you?


    PM isn’t a big deal, it’s rarely used IMHO, cuz forums are for coming OUT (unless u’re blackmailing the next user, PMs are superfluous).

    awesome, the plugins page works!

    btw Trent, are you in the Dev team? you guys want my breadcrumbs? lol and what’s “wpnonce” for?



    Hopefully I’ll have more time soon to knock out a few more plugins. I plan on updating Private Messaging first so that it works out of the box for integrated people. I started working on a User Search feature, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it (maybe if I stopped trying to be cool by using AJAX). After that there’s a few things I want to start working on including Spencer’s forum category thing ;)

    I do have my personal forums setup to add feature requests for my plugins. And although I can’t promise results from requesting an entire new plugin, feel free to post them there. (at )

    @ardent: i can’t access your forums, i’m cut off from certain servers due to the Taiwan 7.1 Quake. :( i’d love to try your plugins but i can’t, maybe in 3 weeks…



    An earthquake in Taiwan knocked out my box in Atlanta? :)

    Run a tracert on the server and paste it to me ( tracert ). A lot of China is blocked off at the firewall due to spammers, so if you give me that info I should be able to make it available to you.

    Plugins Page will be up pretty soon, so you will have it located on another server as well pretty soon!


    an earthquake that has “broken” some cables. so Australia, East and South-East Asia are having a hard time connecting. depending where the website’s server is, loading time takes ages. this site itself is taking me a whole half minute to load a page. (we’re drifting off topic here) =P

    Trent any news or updates on this one. Some people like me are waiting eagerly.

    Any news or update on what? Plugins? Yeah, for ages.

    Mistainu, by “breadcrumb structure” do you mean that the family tree of a sub-forum should be displayed? That’s high on my wishlist.

    In other words, right now a subforum’s breadcrumbs look like:

    Food Forums – winesaps

    When I wish they looked like:

    Food Forums – fruit – apples – winesaps

    I’m reluctant to use subforums at all if I can’t give the user good feedback about where they are in the forum structure.

    So: does your breadcrumb code address this problem? And if so, is it coherent enough that I can glue it into place myself without being an expert about bbPress internals? (I do know enough PHP to be dangerous.)

    I managed to hack the breadcrumbs code in Kakumei to properly show one level of subforums. I’m not yet a plugin hacker, nor am I sure whether this sort of cosmetic tinkering can be handled by plugins as opposed to editing the themes, but if anybody’s interested I can try to extract enough fragments to help you get started retracing my steps.



    I think the real question here is “what the heck is a winesap”?


    Just think, if Steve Jobs had had a different horticultural whim the day he named a certain product line, I could be typing this on a WineBook right now!

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