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put topics’ tags on frontpage, forumspage, etc

  • say you’re on the front page, there’s this long line of topics. if each of those “topics” had their tags in their id or class, and/or a way to display which forum that topics’ from, it would i think be most user friendly. and it would make each forum-tag-type user style-able.

    need a way for the topics categpries and/or tags to be displayed on topics page and forums page. anyone?

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  • Do you mean in the recent discussion list having which forum each thread belongs to in the list as well as title, last poster, freshness, ect.?

    Guess I am trying to visualize what you are asking for!


    yes exactly. i was hoping of producing along these lines:

    [Sticky] Title Goes Here

    This “post-count” long thread was last commented by “last-poster”, “freshness” ago. Filed under “categories/tags-list”.

    the categories/tags-list i was hoping to get. also if it would be a definable list, i could use it as the class of each of these “headings”, so it could be styled a bit differently?

    how can all this be done?



    this can be easily done by creating your own theme and designing as you want.. showing what you want.

    please do leave a note here in the forum or create a ticket if you see that there is something that you cannot do with the current core infrastructure. the functionality that you mentioned can definitely be done using current template features.

    if it can be done, show me how.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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