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  • to those who clicked in because of the “K2” prefix, you’re in luck! and i’ll try not to disappoint you… K2.F is my forums edition rendition of K2 ( it has nothing to do with the creators of K2, it’s my personal project… for now.

    currently in ALPHA 0.0.4, it’s already much emulating K2. i’ve even tested applying a K2-style onto it… it works! although no options page etc (you’ll have to manually uncomment stuff and add urls yourself) it’s pretty close. opposing K2’s design with a sidebar on the right, i left it on the left for K2.F…

    this is basicly a redesign, no funky features… YET.

    K2.F is still quite a brittle cookie. still going thru it’s alpha stages, is not yet ready for public consumption.

    fot those who can’t wait, here’s my LIVE demo… and the related post in my blog. enjoy~

    Live Demo:

    Related Blog Post:

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  • Very nice Theme.. it looks a lot better than my attempt to let bbPress look like K2.

    When will you publish it? Do you plan to put the code a plattform like Google Code to make development more accessable?

    (Sorry, that my english is a bit crappy, it´s due to I don´t speak and write in english regularily.)

    well it’s currently for my own use… i’ve made it veer a little bit off the default K2. minor edits… but if i ever perfect the K2-ness into it… i MAY release it, and post the news here too so yeah. my problem now is getting Livesearch to work in bbPress. anyone can help?

    Well, I wouldn´t try to implement the original K2 livesearch, and search for another solution, e.g. this one at Why? Because the K2 one needs many changes – in my opinion to many changes.

    Another Option: The old K2 livesearch used in the early K2 releases.

    And another thing: It would be nice to have (if you have bbPress integrated with WP) one search to search all…

    It looks really awesome, hopefully you release it because I’d like to use it for my site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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