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    LOL. :)

    Security is an excellent reason to upgrade (whether terrified or not) but it should be noted that 3.0 contains no security fixes, so it’s no more secure than 2.9.2. (Yes, it’s been that long since a security release. This doesn’t mean there isn’t anything hiding in the code, but we don’t know about it yet and the frequency between issues being brought up is going down even as our popularity is growing, which I hope means we’re becoming more intrinsically secure.)

    It should be even more seamless than it is now, possibly even included with the default BuddyPress package. (But I’ll defer to core BP people there.)

    Not a bad idea. I’m hanging out on #bbpress if anyone wants to chat, but it’s unlikely I’ll be able to commit personally to any regular meetings this month or the next.

    I’ll ping Ben to see if we can’t get that on the site proper.

    _ck_ maybe my tastes have changed? It’s not a perfect name but it does have historical significant and attachment for me. The integration will be the completion of the arc that started with my first checkin, because I felt the data structures of author-started versus user-started discussions were fundamentally different, and I could do it much faster on a DB structure just like minibb, which is what we used to use on and one of the first forums I really liked. (After attempting vBulletin and phpBB a number of times.)

    We also have a history of major changes in 0.1 releases. We might indulge in a little bit of inflation with a 2.0.

    I’ve been wondering that if addition to being part of the plugin directory for people already using WP, we could offer a pre-bundled download here on that could set up WP + bbP seamlessly so from a user experience point of view they’re still getting a “standalone” piece of software, just with a far more robust admin and update system. (Just a thought, we’ll figure it out when we get there.)

    I rather like the bbPress name. The reason TalkPress was registered for a hosted service was to avoid the confusion we have between and (Which I would not repeat if given the opportunity.)

    As I spelled out in roadmap discussions before, better integration with WordPress is the single most important item for the future of bbPress.

    (Trimming the rest of this to turn into a blog post.)

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    _ck_, why did you delete your post showing the bug? Is it fixed already?

    With regards to the bugs you pointed two, there has been nothing urgent enough to push a 3.0.1, all fairly minor or affecting just a few people, hence the “no rush” on the bugfix release. We’ll probably roll one up next month, or if any security issues come up. You cannot deny that 3.0 is the most stable release (and has had more adoption, 10 million downloads and counting) we’ve ever done in WordPress.

    _KB_, could you you start a new thread with any outstanding questions you have?

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    I’m just a soul whose intentions are good / Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

    I’m sorry if anyone feels surprised by the roadmap of having bbPress start to become a WordPress “core plugin” in the 1.2 timeframe, it was discussed (and posted to the blog) in the December 9th and 30th meetups, to a healthy debate that raised some of the same issues that have been brought up here.

    It breaks my heart to see JJJ and PeteMall who are just getting started have to absorb the negative energy for 5-6 years of decisions they had nothing to do with so if like “wtfmatt” above you want to ascribe all of that to me I’m happy to bear the brunt of it. Let’s let them experiment, try something new, and see what happens. Then we can channel our worries (oh noes, this will break everything!) into positive outcome (you forgot an action in the template which breaks my plugin, here’s a two-line patch to fix backward compatibility).

    We have to be careful with our words because they can have a demotivating effect beyond what you can know, which could stagnate bbPress’ development (again).

    Finally, there is obviously some pent-up umbrage over many decisions that have been made in the history of bbPress, and I think it would be healthy to talk about those and do a post-mortem to see what we can learn from them. However this thread has already become tainted, and we don’t have message threading here, so it’d probably be best to start a new thread per issue. Tag it with “formatt” and I promise I’ll reply as thoughtfully as I can.

    It’s a Sunday but I’m here again. Despite everything bbPress holds a special place in my heart as it was the first project I wrote from scratch applying everything I had learned from working on b2 née WordPress.

    Closing this thread, it has long left productive uses and is annoying me so much I just want to quit the whole project.

    “Even reading the blog, irc and this forum – it’s still unclear to me what should be worked on for the next release.”

    Please read them again. In summary: 1.1 release will include email notifications and anonymous posting, both of which are in trunk and would appreciate testing and patches. After that it’s bug fixes, and release.

    If you would like to contribute to 1.1, please test the two major feature additions to 1.1 and submit patches for improvements and/or bug fixes to those features.

    There is no date because it’s hard for me to predict how much time I have.

    That’s not how it happened at all. I have been leading the project and sheparding resources in many ways, which is why it started development again after several months of zero activity, but unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I would like. I care about bbPress, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent as much time as I have already, and hopefully as some people leave (I can’t believe you said you feel like a battered woman, the analogy feels completely inappropiate) others will join.

    I’ve been keeping up with this conversation with the new email notification feature, for what it’s worth. :)

    Yes, and the dearth of coders is the hardest to work around. Without code contributions bbPress will never be a community project.

    I’ve given site and commit access to close to 10 people. Besides putting in my own time, which I do when I can, there’s not much else I can do.

    “Like what mate?” Core improvements — I’ve given core commit access to anyone who has shown ability. I’ve never told anyone to check for updates, you must be referring to someone else. I’m sorry it’s stressing you out so much.

    The sky is falling the sky is falling! :)

    I’ve been on the road for a few weeks — back now. People seem to pull a chicken little every 10 minutes though — I wish as much effort went into more productive activity but it seems there isn’t overlap.

    sambauers — MT would love the files if you still have them around. I think he emailed about it but maybe it got lost.

    We’ve done this before. Relax. :)

    We’ve been doing them every week at the same time, PeteMall was going to post the logs from the latest one.

    timskii, there are no plans to add any new user options for this feature, there’s no need.

    As for the time issue, it’s possible that it could generate a lot of email but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be marked as spam. It’s nice to have one-per-message especially for threading and following conversations in things like Gmail. If anyone gets too much email, they can one-click unsubscribe from the thread and follow it in a different manner, like RSS. This is how new comment notifications have worked for years on the blog side, and it’s been fine.

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    Just because there’s a plugin for something doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better integrated into core, in fact almost every feature in WordPress existed as a plugin first, the most recent example being the update system.

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    That’s what we’re doing, right here. Don’t worry.

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    Groovy. This is the fun part. :) A merry band of hackers trying to change the web, or at least our small slice of it.

    I’m going to send everybody an email so we can start up a discussion and let’s also try for an IRC meetup next week.

    MT reached out to Sam for the redesign files he was working on as well, and we can decide what the priorities are for the redesign when we chat.

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    If you’d like to influence the future of bbPress, please drop in on this thread:

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