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_ck_ owes me ten bucks

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  • _ck_


    Gautam Gupta



    Regarding 1.1, it’s fairly stable (I have it running on a big live site) and almost ready for aplha/beta after the 2 tickets on 1.0.3 and 1.1 are fixed.



    WOW, Welcome Back Matt, Its nice to see you :-).

    I’ll be very happy if you can reply for my post.

    Should I Stop Using bbpres Standalone Version Right Now?

    Can you please?

    _ck_, why did you delete your post showing the bug? Is it fixed already?

    With regards to the bugs you pointed two, there has been nothing urgent enough to push a 3.0.1, all fairly minor or affecting just a few people, hence the “no rush” on the bugfix release. We’ll probably roll one up next month, or if any security issues come up. You cannot deny that 3.0 is the most stable release (and has had more adoption, 10 million downloads and counting) we’ve ever done in WordPress.

    _KB_, could you you start a new thread with any outstanding questions you have?



    Yeah problem was solved – sometime in the past week the code bug was fixed, I have no idea exactly when or by whom but was going to point it out until I tested it.

    Unfortunately it did not clear up existing posts that were already html-entitied by the bug an example or two (but it even happened inside of backticks too)

    I kinda don’t want to get into WP politics here (we’ve got enough of our own problems) but you can’t count downloads by existing users anymore who are terrified of being hacked because they didn’t keep up with the newest release.

    I was looking into having some reindeer paraded by your door (10 “bucks” get it?) but I was afraid you’d BBQ them and send me a photo or something like that :-D

    LOL. :)

    Security is an excellent reason to upgrade (whether terrified or not) but it should be noted that 3.0 contains no security fixes, so it’s no more secure than 2.9.2. (Yes, it’s been that long since a security release. This doesn’t mean there isn’t anything hiding in the code, but we don’t know about it yet and the frequency between issues being brought up is going down even as our popularity is growing, which I hope means we’re becoming more intrinsically secure.)



    I can shed some light on that.

    Matt, I apologise in advance for this; but the constant slog in using this website in the months since the “bbpress2.0” theme release has been very tough. Did you know the homepage was a 404 for almost a week? And text was under 8px if you weren’t on a Mac or Linux. Patches and Changes were uploaded, changes not tested. We’ve a 6 page thread on it somewhere (it was sticked in the last 48 hours).

    Anyway, the worst of those bugs meant that all HTML was parsed without exceptions (it wasn’t added to BackPress), so for just under 8 weeks, every single line of code we type into this forum has been converted to lots of & lts; and & gts; etc. It’s made giving solutions… difficult. Especially when copy/pasting. Especially for non PHP people.

    Someone fixed the bug and added the fix to BackPress, but no-one picks up on the BackPress trac / forums (was bumped for 5 weeks) and no mails in the mailing list by a developer for almost 16 weeks. Eventually I reached out to Westi, who was awesome (no surprise really), and he stepped up and applied the patch (actually a few patches for us). It took another 13 days for it to be applied to this website. (I am also confident he’s now v easily contactable for everyone about backPress)

    I ain’t intending on dredching up the past man, just… I know there’s some “ill will” around right now. Its not about “5 years of pent up anger” or anything like you said in the other post, it’s about last week, last month, the month before that etc.

    With no intention of starting a long debate, would you have let the homepage be a 404 page for almost a week?

    If no-one could give code exmaples on the support forums, would that have lasted from May to July?

    We all drop the ball dude, its life, but if you wanted bbPress to help itself, it did. Ok, so not brilliantly or specacularly but it’s the dependancies placed upon us let us down, and the people we depended on were too busy making publicly disparaging comments at their WordCamp KeyNote speeches.

    I often wonder if objectively you’d look at this post and think how you’ve done with bbPress:

    I’m really glad you’re here and I’m thankful for your tone. I’m thankful for the information you’re giving. I, and I’m sure many others, are ok with us disagreeing on things, it’s the uncertainty coupled with the lack of respect (WordCamp comment + this website constantly breaking) thats stoked the flames of discontent.

    In honesty bro, fair crack of the whip + information to make up our own mind = happy + repsectful community.

    P.S. Sorry for the WTFmatt person. and haha, someone will be along to apologise for me in a minute ;-)

    Sorry the site broke — I didn’t notice and no one emailed me, or if they did I didn’t read it. It is inevitable things will break when you’re making improvements ( was down for a few hours last week, several times) but we endeavor to fix it as soon as possible when aware of the problem.

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