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    Beautiful design. It’s clean, fun, snappy, and very web 2.0. It looks 100% professional. Great job!


    This reinvigorate looks awesome…can’t get in right now, as it’s on a limited beta. However, I’m on the list, and looking forward to trying it out. Thanks


    I know this question is in the wrong place, and sorry if it’s obnoxious. As you guessed, I’m being lazy. I am a little out of my league here in asking for what I have, so I thought I’d get what suggestions I could first from the forum I frequent most. I hope in time you can learn to forgive my impetuous nature. ;)


    Thanks for the suggestions, as well as the links. I’ve looked into this a bit, but was really interested in a pre-existing solution I could glean from. I’m not really up on cgi, so a php-only solution is what I’d like to find. (not sure if this exists). I’m pretty good at analyzing something and gleaning what I need from that, so I figured that would be my best shot at getting this thing started.

    Many, many, many ulterior motives. ;) First of all, this is happening because I can’t seem to find any solution that will search for and filter what <u>I</u> would like it to search for and filter. Instead, it gives the cookie cutter solution.

    I am also on Dreamhost right now, coming from a dedicated hosting environment, (my own server), and since I can’t configure the stats program they have installed, nor can I easily install another of my own, I thought I’d try my hand at learning how to parse files myself.

    So this is partially for education, partially for usefulness, and partially with the hopes of developing something that the gen. public might find helpful.

    Am I wasting my, (and everybody else’s) time?

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    NP. Good luck with your efforts.

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    Ahhh…that makes sense. I can understand now what your aim is. I can also understand your reasons for wanting to use absolute positioning. I looked again at the page based on these details. You indeed have a unique situation, but overall I don’t think it’s too complex. This is what I love about CSS layout vs a table based layout. We have so much fine grained control and many choices in this type of situation.

    I can think of a few ways to accomplish your layout without using as much (or any) absolute positioning. Do you know much about background images? I would look there. You could also make a single background image with just the book images as background images on the list items on the left hand links. These are just a few ideas I’ve got. Either way, there’s a good solution out there that can work cross-browser/cross-platform. I admire and encourage your efforts to keep working at it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you run into a wall. Just drop me a line on my contact form at

    Good luck!

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    I looked closer at your css…is there a reason why everything is position:absolute;? When I took out the position: absolute, the input boxes were fine…Once again, this is a bit dicey because IE isn’t showing me the full page, (no images showing up, etc). I’m not sure why I can’t see the full thing in IE, and everything works fine in Saf.

    In my experience with CSS, position absolute should be the exception, not the rule. It can usually be used extremely sparingly, and you can often if not always get by with the default, which is position: relative. Using floats, relative positioning, proper clearing, etc, and then applying margins and padding to create the proper spacing you’d like, there isn’t much you CAN’T do in regards to layout.

    Position: absolute creates a lot of potential problems because it takes those absolute elements out of the document flow. This causes many issues just like the one you’re facing.

    I think if you retool your page to reflect a more standard design approach, (ie changing abs. positioning to relative and making that work), then you’ll see a huge difference.

    If you can’t make a go of it, you can send me over your template folder and I can activate it and really get to the root of it. Like I said earlier, my hands are somewhat tied here with IE.

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    As far as I can tell, the spec for the label tag indicates that it should be as above. I downloaded your html page and css file, then uploaded them to my server. Here’s what I found:

    The problem is stemming from the <br> tag used inside of the <label> tags. IE thinks the input element is still on the first line, but it’s really being displayed on the second line. Here’s how I have modified it, and it seems to work in ie:

    <label>Username: </label>
    <input name="user_login" type="text" id="user_login" size="13" maxlength="40" value="" style="display: block; clear: both; />
    <input name="password" type="password" id="password" size="13" maxlength="40"style="display: block; clear: both; />
    <input type="submit" name="Submit" id="submit" value="Login &raquo;" />

    I’m not 100% sure about the functionality in IE, because I had to d’load the css file and place it on my server. In Safari it worked fine importing it as specified in the original HTML, however IE puked it up. Probably being oversecure in all the wrong places again! Anyhow, I’m pretty sure this will solve your problem.

    Break tags are a somewhat quick and dirty way to break a line. This isn’t a bad element to use, but it should be used when appropriate, or at least when you want to be lazy and it doesn’t break stuff. (that’s the extent of my philosophy). Try this out, and let me know if it works for you.


    I do see in another resource that the label tag can be associated either way, and should have a “for=” option if the input element is not found inside the label. Sorry for the mixup.

    Either way, the <br> tag is most likely the culprit. Adding the styles to those input tags, (or specifying them in the stylesheet) should fix the problem.

    Links to LABEL element info (for documentation/S.E. purposes):

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    Here’s the new thread I’ve posted it on officially. If you can leave comments on the plugin there it would be nice so that it’s all on one spot. Thanks again for all your help!

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    Shweet! Here it is, ready for download. Please try it out and let me know what you think. This plugin allows custom profile fields on the following pages:



    It also displays the information on the profile.php page, and possibly others.

    Here’s the link:

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    Ok, I think it’s time…What’s the protocol for presenting a plugin?

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    Ahem, Trent…this means you too. :)

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    Mirce & Ardentfrost,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I dug a little deeper, and got over my hesitancy, and as it turns out I have created my first, fully functioning plugin! I think this is something that will come in handy to many users, (hopefully), so I will release more details about it once I am sure it’s working properly. I am trying to add one more feature, so once I’m closer to success or failure, I’ll have a first release. Thanks again for your feedback, and I hope you guys are around come testing time!


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    You can click in the form element if you click within 1 px of the top of the element. It’s being blocked/covered by something. I haven’t looked too closely, but I’m pretty sure the problem is that your <label> tags are encapsulating your input elements. They should be before the form element, like this:

    <input "input stuff" />

    Yours is like this:

    <input "input stuff" />

    Try that and see if that helps.


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    NP. Glad I could beat you for once. ;)

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    I think this plugin will help you:

    It allows you to have non-english characters in your name, as well as spaces, dashes, underscores, etc.

    This thread makes it sound like the category feature will be added into the core? Any idea when will this plugin stop working?

    In regards to Mirce’s solution, I would think a more global (and simpler) solution would be this if statement:

    <?php if ( bb_is_user_logged_in() ) { ?>;
    <?php } ? >

    This way you don’t need to find out WHO the user is (user_id), but simply whether or not they’re logged in.

    I’m pretty new to this, though, so maybe Mirce knows something I don’t?

    are you running integration with wordpress?

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    yikes, thanks chris. I’ll add a rule in .htaccess…pretty embarrassing when the owner muffs it!


    Fixed. Thanks again


    Your assessment is correct on all counts. I’m even using the same setup you’re using. (bb .80 and wp integration). As for the GMT, I guess I was just expecting the correct time to be calculated on the memberlist page as well, since it’s implemented everywhere else. Isn’t that what makes the most sense? Maybe I’m missing something.

    My problem is minor, and only arises (so far) when I’m using shell to scan through my server logs, and the time on the logs is adjusted for my timezone but the time on the memberlist page doesn’t match up. Just gotta do math, which is less favorable in my case. ;)


    When you mention the “Hooks”, are you referring to the lines at the bottom that say “add_filter”? I think this is what you mean, but I thought I’d make sure. It’s time to try out my first plugin! :)

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    Got this working splendidly…Here’s the link:

    I would love any comments on the look/feel of the site. Feel free to drop me a line on the contact form and share comments/suggesstions.

    One quick suggestion to those implementing this: If you have the luxury of installing this BEFORE you implement a complex CSS design, it’s best. Many of my classes became obsolete when I installed the plugin, because the hierarchy of the pages with the forum/subforum lists changed.

    This, of course, was expected, and normal. However, it will just save a redesign once you’ve implemented this new versatility. (Of course, installing this plugin just two days before launch wasn’t exactly conducive to allowing me to take it a little break).

    Maker, Yes indeedy…this is definitely SamBauers plugin being used. It’s great. Be sure to read the whole thread, because if you don’t update every forum by adding it to a category, then you WILL suffer the consequences! (you’ll get some nifty mysql errors until you fix it).

    Also, my suggestion to ANYONE using this patch…use it BEFORE you implement your design. I had quite a few things that had to change when I implemented it, as the post/category/forum hierarchy was quite a bit different from teh standard install. My CSS classes got ALL out of whack.

    Good luck!

    any one have an idea about this?

    So, does this eliminate the possibility of keeping your own code under version control? I keep all my stuff in my own svn repository I set up myself on one of my servers. Is anyone aware of a way to share a working copy across two repositories?

    Or maybe a better question is this: Does anyone update their site through SVN AND use SVN to back up their own local code? How do you approach this problem?

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