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User Registration time +8 hours (GMT)?

  • Hello all,

    I seem to have stumbled on another oddity I can’t solve…my user registration times are based on GMT, not on Pacific time as I have configured in the bbpress config.php file, as well as the wp Admin->Options page. I have added the following php script to a page to detect the server time.

    <? print date("F d, Y H:i:s", time())?>

    The time returned is the correct (Pacific) time, (-8 GMT). Any suggestions where else I can look, what else to try?

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  • any one have an idea about this?



    I haven’t looked at the code, but my guess is that since the dates are stored in the DB as GMT, and the time functions display times as “time elapsed since” that this is expected. Where are you seeing the actual times displayed?

    I just registered a new user. I get “Member since: March 5, 2007 (7 minutes)” and “user [profile] registered 7 minutes ago” in the profile page and the admin page respectively. The memberlist plugin shows the time as the time on the server: 03/05/07 at 02:52:44 AM (when it was actually 1:52 AM where I am.) In the database, it’s stored as 2007-03-05 07:52:44

    Where are you seeing the GMT and what functions does it affect?

    Also, I am using .80 with WP integration (for users anyway) and not using any plugins for the user timezone or anything like that. How about you?


    Your assessment is correct on all counts. I’m even using the same setup you’re using. (bb .80 and wp integration). As for the GMT, I guess I was just expecting the correct time to be calculated on the memberlist page as well, since it’s implemented everywhere else. Isn’t that what makes the most sense? Maybe I’m missing something.

    My problem is minor, and only arises (so far) when I’m using shell to scan through my server logs, and the time on the logs is adjusted for my timezone but the time on the memberlist page doesn’t match up. Just gotta do math, which is less favorable in my case. ;)



    I think it’s probably an issue with the memberlist plugin then, more than anything else. Maybe try contacting the plugin author:



    I’m in NZ, and when I post to our forum in, the time immediately says the freshness is “12 hours”.

    How can I change it to recognise that we’re 12 hours in front of GMT?


    You have to put the time in your config.php that is that of the server. Then you would need to head over to the tab ‘extend’ in this forum and get the Timezone plugin for users. That way everyone will have the correct time when viewing the forum. It works best to have the timezone of the server in your config.php though.


    You have to put the time in your config.php that is that of the server.

    Do you really? Or have I misunderstood this completely?

    bbPress’ time functions no longer insane

    bbPress constrained you, the person installing bbPress, to set it’s internal timezone to match exactly that of the server it was running on.

    That’s ridiculous.

    With bbPress 0.8, all that has changed. You can set bbPress’ timezone to anything you like completely independent of where you are and where your server is.

    Well yes, you can set it to whatever timezone you want and not that of the server, but why wouldn’t you? I guess if you have the server 10 timezones away from most of your users. Either way, just having one time in the config.php and then the Timezone plugin will help ‘all’ your users around the world! Regardless of their invidicual timezones.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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