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    I just got done reverse integrating existing installs of WP and BBP. So I didn’t actually run the BBP install, but I think “…/bb-admin/options-wordpress.php” answers your question about the secret key. See the “WordPress database secret” section on that page.

    It points you to “…/wp-admin/options.php” for the value “secret” setting in your WP install. I think this may be the SECRET_KEY you are looking for.

    If your install is already done, just go to “…/bb-admin/options-wordpress.php” and enter the secret in the text field provided there.



    Thanks bobbyh. This is very helpful.

    user_id and username conflicts should be managable since the number of WP users is very small.

    On schema, it looks like I need to add the user_activation_key field.

    > That extra index on user_nicename is the least of your problems. :-)

    So I would just add it using phpMyAdmin?

    @adeboy, thanks for the pointer to columbusunderground.

    How is it that their signup/login is for WordPress, yet the profile page is from bbpress? Any idea?

    _ck_ paints a pretty bleak picture for bbpress 1.0. A pointless rewrite of 50% of the code, which neutralizes much of the benefit of having the beta in the wild for all this time. Extra bulk and slower performance.

    Sam’s response reads like a carefully worded validation.

    Sounds like a lack of information is the least of our problems.

    Will there be a version of 0.9 that supports php4, or is 1.0 the next time we’ll see php4 support in an official (beta) release?

    macwise or Trent,

    Would you mind writing a few lines on how this actually works? I have two main questions:

    First, I’m intrigued by the call to “apply_filters()”. Does this make it possible for future plugins to use “ra_get_wp_profile_info_keys” as a hook? In other words, the plugin would achieve the same result if it just returned the second argument of “ra_get_wp_profile_info_keys”: “array(‘user_email’… etc.”

    Second, how and when does a new column get added to the database for the custom profile fields?

    Just curious, and learning about plugin development.




    Yes, this does the trick. Thanks very much!



    Thanks bobbyh. I think this is what I am doing now, but the problem is that when the thread goes onto a second page, the first post on the second page gets class=”firstpost” too.

    Is there any other way to find out programmatically whether a post is the first one in a topic?

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    I also have a user whose posts are getting caught by akismet because she posted too many links. I have installed _ck_’s human test plaugin (thanks!) and plan to disable akismet.

    But is this user now listed as a spammer for akismet in general? That is, will her comments be blocked at other akismet-enabled sites?

    If so, how do I restore her “good name”?

    I have spent the last couple of hours on the forums trying to figure out how to actually do this when the existing blog and forum are currently seperate databases.

    My situation is as follows:

    – wordpress 2.3 blog with no users (except admin)

    – bbpress 0.8 forum with many users

    I want to get to a wordpress 2.5 blog and a bbpress 0.9 forum with an integrated database.

    I think the steps are:

    1. upgrade wordpress to 2.5

    2. upgrade bbpress to 0.9

    3. then?…. how do I combine the database?

    Or can I keep the seperate databases and still get the benefits of combined cookies and users carried from wp to bb and vice versa? If so, how do I bootstrap the wp database with the existing bb users?

    Any help out there?

    Thanks very much for the kind words.

    WordPressl, I mock up a few different design options in PhotoShop and when I’m happy there I move to the code. Since this was my first exposure to bbpress I ended up iterating between PS and the code a lot as I got to understand bbpress better. The challenge was to keep the flavor of the blog, but still make it clear to the user that they are somewhere different.

    The mechanics of the template are similar to the default theme. The different look is achieved mostly through the CSS stylesheet. One major change to the layout is to add a floating div for the sidebar on the left. All the rollovers are CSS. I do the tabs simply in php by checking which forum the user is in and displaying the tab bar appropriately. Most of the other changes are actually about hiding some of the power of bbpress.

    I’m glad the “tabs” resonate. I had a full working site in beta without them, but just wasn’t happy. The breadcrumb is a little subtle (particularly for folks who are new to a forum), and with only 4 forums and no sub-forums seems like overkill. But without the breadcrumb the user is lost once they’re in one of the forums or topics. The tab solves that and makes it easy to get to any forum from almost everywhere.

    Thanks for the input sayremedia. I see your point on the links to blog and forum not popping out. We’ll be thinking about how to achieve that with the next rev of the site.

    Yeah, I have read the WordPress integration info. The thing is that I don’t want users to be able to log into the wordpress blog. I would like to combine the forum and email notification lists though.

    Awesome! This works great.

    Thanks very much.

    Thanks livibetter. I just realized that the profile field doesn’t show any fields that are not populated, so in my case there was no information to show until I added the website a few minutes ago.

    Not my brightest moment :-|

    Thanks, but if I use this on the front page I get a user not found error. It does work if I use it from the profile page itself.

    BTW, I’ve modified the standard theme to put show this in a sidebar. That is, I call <?php login_form(); ?> from the sidebar.

    Thanks fel64. Can you give me a starting point on translation files?

    And I’m still interested in overriding the filters. Aside from changing the name of a view, I’m thinking of adding a view, or perhaps removing one (e.g. the tags view).

    Is this possible?


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    Well, problem solved. The WordPress FAQ suggests resetting your MySQL password manually if you have problems connecting to the db. I did so using the MySQL client and now both WP and bbpress seem to be working fine.

    Thanks for the input.

    In reply to: Cannot select DB

    Yes, the wordpress user exists. The passwords are the same.

    The really strange thing now is that WP has stopped working (it did before I started tinkering with bbpress). I get “Error establishing a database connection” when I try to view the blog.

    Even weirder, it seems that IIS “forgot” that index.php was a valid default page. I had to go back in and change this setting.

    In reply to: Cannot select DB

    Thanks Chris.

    > can you try connecting to that database

    Yes, I did this with the MySQL cmd line client and I can connect fine. The bbpress settings are really simple:

    // ** MySQL settings ** //

    define(‘BBDB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’);

    define(‘BBDB_USER’, ‘wordpress’);

    define(‘BBDB_PASSWORD’, ‘XXXXXXXX’);

    define(‘BBDB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

    define(‘BBDB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);

    define(‘BBDB_COLLATE’, ”);

    And for WP:

    // ** MySQL settings ** //

    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’);

    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘wordpress’);

    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘XXXXXXXX’);

    define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

    Here is the info from the MySQL database after connecting as the ‘wordpress’ user:

    mysql> show databases;



    | Database |



    | information_schema |

    | wordpress |



    3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

    Is there any way to get more detailed diagnostic info from the install process?

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