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Plugin: Allow additional or custom profile fields

  • I’ve just created my first plugin. This plugin allows custom profile fields which a user will see upon registration and subsequently when editing their profile page. The values will also show up on the view profile page. This plugin also allows the addition of the profile fields from the wordpress’ profile page. Refer to the instructions in the plugin for simple configuration details.

    This plugin was developed in a bbpress/wordpress integrated environment. I’m not sure if this works on bbpress installs only. It wouldn’t hurt to try, however, and I’m sure it can be modified to work with bbpress w/o a wordpress integration.

    Please try it out and let me know what you think.

    Here’s the link:



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  • ardentfrost


    Let me know if it works for non-WP-integrated bbpress… if so I’ll see about using it in a couple of my plugins :)

    Not sure if the options you want are hardcoded into the plugin? Maybe you should take a look at having the options in the admin to add the options. As well, I placed in my “number of children” and it didn’t save in the database or show up in my profile. Not sure what is going on there! contact me if you want to chat. I have an IM deal on my site at the bottom right corner:


    This is a good plugin! The options currently have to be edited in the plugin code itself, but it also allows you to pick which fields are required at login as well. In an effort to slow spammers, I added a few fields and made all of them except 1 required! Seems to have worked so far…..




    How about a quick description of how to use in a bbPress site only (no WP). I look at the source and see lots of calls to wp_ needed stuff.

    Actually, it may reference things in wp, but it really doesn’t need it. The best description is the abolve Proforum entry, but really what it does is add fields to your profile (and registration) that you can use with your site. I have the extra fields for first name, last name, reason registered, and others on my site using this plugin. You can also put if they are required or not with registration!




    I was wondering how I could display the new fields so that I could use the fields for something like a feed or a flickr feed.

    Any ideas?




    Trent: how did you solve the plugin not updating the database and data not showing up? Is it supposed to work now? Cause it’s not working for me.



    Nevermind, it works.



    i might be doing something terribly wrong. I put the plugin in the WP plugins folder and activated it, but nothing happens.

    as you can see the registration from wp and bb are linked.

    what am i doing wrong?



    Plugins for bbPress have to go in /your-bbpress-folder/my-plugins. They will not work in any other place. If the my-plugins folder does not yet exist, you have to create it. :)



    thank you! I was under the impression it was a wp plugin.



    Is there a relatively easy “bbpress way” to add a radio button instead of a text field?

    The link isn’t working for me. Have you moved the file?

    I will try and contact Macwise, but until then, I put my copy on my server up:


    i have a question much like midnightsun’s. i would love to use this to simply ask for the user’s username, then when displayed, it would link to their profile. is this possible?

    Midnightsun & antonskey already mentioned similair things. I have a site for gamers (integrated wp and bbp using the bbp as the member section) and I wan’t to give them the possibility to add their Xbox Live Gamertag, Wii Friendcode and PSN ID.

    There must be som easy way to, from the profile-template, check if the Gamertag field has a value and then just ad the name to the gamertag embed code. I was looking in the template-functions file and took a look att bb_profile_data and I think that’s kind of similar to what should be used in the theme.

    Also I would like to give the members the possibility of creating something like a About Text. So instead of a normal field i would need a textarea. Hope someone knows what could be done.

    Pilola, you could use this plugin:

    I use it here: (see the “nuestros usuarios” links).

    Detective – Thanks I’ll take a look. But it doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for since it’s a wp plugin. And the possibility of adding gamertags isn’t really the only thing I want to get out of this.

    I mean what I’m really looking for i some way to catch the value of a field and echo it inside some code.

    And as i mentioned earlier I’d really like to give my users the op to create “About me”-content.

    Maybe it’s easier to do this outside of the profile-section? But I’m unfortunately not a PHP-coder so I ain’t good at writing php from scratch.

    I use it in WP and bbPress :) It’s easy to adapt, and as you have both integrated …

    Of course you could also print the “about” text entered by the user in their Profile page in the Dashboard. So you only really need a plugin for the gamertags.

    macwise or Trent,

    Would you mind writing a few lines on how this actually works? I have two main questions:

    First, I’m intrigued by the call to “apply_filters()”. Does this make it possible for future plugins to use “ra_get_wp_profile_info_keys” as a hook? In other words, the plugin would achieve the same result if it just returned the second argument of “ra_get_wp_profile_info_keys”: “array(‘user_email’… etc.”

    Second, how and when does a new column get added to the database for the custom profile fields?

    Just curious, and learning about plugin development.




    Does anyone know a way to adapt this to have a checkbox option, rather than a textfield?

    seems to cause an error when searching.

    DB Error in WP_Users::append_meta: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘2244,13,110,86,142,795,292,2140,36) /* WP_Users::append_meta */’ at line 1

    SELECT user_id, meta_key, meta_value FROM wp_usermeta WHERE user_id IN (661,209,1,62,53,,2244,13,110,86,142,795,292,2140,36) /* WP_Users::append_meta */

    Hi there,

    does/how to integrate your plugin if you use WP as the “main user” base, meaning you extended WP with e.g. CYC or Custom User Fields extra — which are in different tables and are e.g. not easy text fields as people asking here above?

    E.g. I have WP with Cimy User Extra Fields to add a photo of the user — no clue how to get that with your plugin to display in bbpress / editable.

    Any help appreciated.


    Let’s me try thank you.


Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 27 total)
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