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Linking to “edit profile” directly from logged-in.php

  • The title says it. I’d like to have a link from the “logged-in.php” menu directly to the page where I can edit my profile (currently I first need to see the profile page and then edit from there).

    Essentially I need a function like bb_profile_link(); that returns the link to edit profile page.


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  • You can put this at proper place in your logged-in.php

    echo '(<a href="' . get_profile_tab_link(0, 'edit') . '">edit</a>)';

    Thanks, but if I use this on the front page I get a user not found error. It does work if I use it from the profile page itself.

    BTW, I’ve modified the standard theme to put show this in a sidebar. That is, I call <?php login_form(); ?> from the sidebar.

    Sorry, my mistake

    echo '(<a href="' . get_profile_tab_link(bb_get_current_user_info('id'), 'edit') . '">edit</a>)';

    login_form() uses logged-in.php of current active theme if current user is logged in.

    Awesome! This works great.

    Thanks very much.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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