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  • Where in bbPress should I start looking for URL rewrite problems?

    First obvious problem is straight after login. The URL should be https://bla.bla/pub/ but it becomes https://bla.bla/pub/pub/ instead. Worked in 0.9, stopped working in 1.0. And there’s no .htaccess file to be found anywhere, neither do I have any rewrite rules in the Apache2 config.


    As expected, it did not solve the problem I have after upgrading from 0.9 to 1.0 (I can see the Admin link, it just does not work, and I expect a URL rewrite problem but there is no .htaccess file).

    This sounds rather like my recent (still unsolved) problem:


    I for sure see the Admin link, yet nothing will bring up the Admin panel. I understand the problems may be dissimilar, yet there could be a common issue.


    The situation is now that I have two bbpress directories, one for 0.9 and one for 1.0. Both share the bb-plugins directory and the rest is native according to their installers. Apparently they share exactly the same database schema as well (the updater 0.9 -> 1.0 did not make changes).

    With one symlink, I can easily select 0.9 or 1.0.

    Both versions work, but 1.0 has no plugins active (so layout slightly different), and 1.0 does not allow me to enter the bb-admin subdir (to activate the plugins). However I am logged in successfully, both systems acknowledge this even if I flip the symlink “live”.

    There is no .htaccess file to be found on this system.

    Where to start?


    Negative. If I point it at /pub/bb-admin/ (the address suggested by the Admin link), the browser gets redirected to /pub/ straight away. If I point at /pub/bb-admin/ without having logged in first, I get a login screen, then after login the browser jumps back to /pub/. Or sometimes again gives the 404.

    My installation does not have a .htaccess file, it never had. My config lives in the Apache site config and has just this (next to lots of other unsuspect stuff):

    RedirectMatch ^/$ /pub/

    I don’t think this is the problem. However, 0.9 may have assumed a config that I never had, which 1.0 requires. Do you have a suggestion?


    In reply to: Threaded comments

    If people want threaded comments, that’s fine, but please always keep the non-threaded option in bbPress as well.

    I have had numerous requests from users to remove threading from forum software (not bbPress obviously). This seems one of those things where “advanced” users like it and my grand mom hates it.

    Threaded as a plugin is perfect. Same level as “comments with their own title”.


    Additional: I noticed that the tags field is being pre-filled when I look at the Add A New Topic form that sits below the list of posts tagged with tag X. That’s great.

    What remains is the behaviour of bbPress when sending it a URL …/tags/X where X does not exist yet. The Forum now decides to revert to the default query and shows all available tags. It could, like a Wiki, have chosen to show an empty Topic list with the pre-filled Add A New Topic form. That would make sense to me.

    I have no clue whether this will help you, and I guess not. But who knows.

    I was also stuck with a stubborn refusal of the installer to progress beyond the very first page (zero). No error message, no nothing. Just would not advance.

    After removing all stuff and retrying, and failing again, and making all kinds of increasingly desperate Unix file permission changes, I suddenly remembered that I had just installed MySQL for the first time (I am a PostgreSQL guy). Although the server and client work perfectly, I didn’t install the PHP5 libraries for it! Duh..

    $ sudo apt-get install php5-mysql

    $ sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 reload

    et voila…

    Hint to bbPress developers: add that silly check for the MySQL PHP lib… easily done, and another problem solved.


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