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    I’ve been looking for forum software that meets my needs, and it looks like bbPress is going to be it. One small piece I’m not sure of yet: is it possible through a plugin, or CSS, or something, to support threaded comments? The example sites I’ve looked at so far have all comments at the left margin, and I prefer nested indents to keep track of threads.

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  • _ck_


    Various people have requested threaded over the past year but it’s not a priority right now. Only a handful of forums can do threaded. It’s a bit tricky but bbPress could be made to do it eventually. It’s a matter of storing each post’s parent id and changing the display order (and formatting). The hardest part is pagination which requires some complex look-ahead calculations.

    After 1.0 gets stable, maybe threaded will be revisited, at least as a plugin.

    I know I’m commenting on an old thread, but there you go.

    I -love- the threaded comments in Intense Debate, but it’s a blog-comments system not a forum.

    I wish-to-heck that bbPress had threading, and if it did, we would switch from ID in about oh, 2 seconds.


    John James Jacoby


    I wish that bbPress could incorporate the same type of threaded functionality that WordPress has, because I think it just works amazingly well.

    I haven’t tested this, but at least one person was able to get this plugin to work:

    If people want threaded comments, that’s fine, but please always keep the non-threaded option in bbPress as well.

    I have had numerous requests from users to remove threading from forum software (not bbPress obviously). This seems one of those things where “advanced” users like it and my grand mom hates it.

    Threaded as a plugin is perfect. Same level as “comments with their own title”.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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