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Insert topic title and/or post and/or tags in New Topic

  • I have linked up a bbPress Support Forum (i.e. with (un)resolved indicators) to a web application that it is supposed to support. The web application generates tags that are context-sensitive and links with these to the bbPress Forum, so users are one click away to do a …/tags/abcdef query to the Forum and hey presto, all posts concerning the application page come up.

    If somebody has a problem, they can click another link and insert a new Topic post into the same Forum. However this comes up with blank title, post body, and tag fields.

    It would be brilliant if there were a way to insert the new topic’s title, part of the post body, and the tag into the New Topic form. Nothing fancy, just three parameters on the #postform URL would do. These parameters are cleaned and stupidly inserted in the form fields, ready to be accepted by the user.


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  • Additional: I noticed that the tags field is being pre-filled when I look at the Add A New Topic form that sits below the list of posts tagged with tag X. That’s great.

    What remains is the behaviour of bbPress when sending it a URL …/tags/X where X does not exist yet. The Forum now decides to revert to the default query and shows all available tags. It could, like a Wiki, have chosen to show an empty Topic list with the pre-filled Add A New Topic form. That would make sense to me.

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