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  • My understanding of BuddyPress is that you only use the features you want. It will take more thought and planning than a simple WP instillation, but seems to have a lot of potential.

    Thank you. This looks like exactly what I need. And you better believe I will try it first on a test site and go slowly.

    What I thought about doing was importing the current members into a temp data base and then adding the fields to duplicate WP. But then I would still have the problem of IDs.

    I’ve already considered the issues raised in that discussion. I looked at both user tables and it was clear that they would not line up without adding fields to the BBPress user table. There is also the problem of duplicate ids. Since almost all my users are forum members I could almost get away with dumping the WP user table and importing from BBPress. But then I would have the same problems discussed in that other thread. And I have members who have authored blog posts and forum entries.

    Looks good.

    I’m delighted to know that people are giving their time to work on new versions. I like BBPress and want it to continue.

    Thanks. I fixed it.

    Funny that even while I was looking for a solution I got a note from a member who wanted to know how she could write about a sensitive issue under a different name. I told her to create a different member account. It occurs to me this is exactly the sort of situation where you might want to limit IP viewing to the Admin.

    I like the simplicity of BBPress. My forum is pretty active and simplicity gives me better performance.

    And I am grateful to the volunteers working to improve BBPress.

    My main complaint would be that sifting through this site for solutions it is sometimes difficult to figure out version compatibility.

    Thanks. I so rarely use IE that I hadn’t thought about versions. When I checked on IE installed on my netbook, it looked fine. Must have been an issue with an older version. So I won’t worry about it.

    Thanks. I downloaded both. So far only tried Human Test. Tried it with a test registration and it seems to work fine.

    Thanks. That fixed it in FireFox.

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    I just installed bbPM and it works perfectly using the latest install of BBPress.

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    “Is there any easy way to search for plugins that are compatible with the bbPress 1 branch?”

    BBcode, Add image, the video plugin all worked perfectly for me.

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    Second issue:

    Currently my BBPress and WordPress are on two different databases. I would very much like to integrate users. However, the forum has about 50 users and the blog has about 20 users. Some are duplicates.

    My main concern is making this as simple as possible for the users.

    If I use the integration settings, how does that handle existing users?

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    I currently use 09.5 but would like to upgrade this weekend. I do need to clarify a couple of things first.

    To begin with I set up a temp/test forum and tested the plugins I currently use. All seemed to work just fine.

    OK, not to the trickier part.

    Originally I installed BBPress through SimpleScripts, which my host makes available on dashboards.

    Then, changing my plans I moved the forum to a subfolder of a WordPress instillation.

    I will ask my host, but I don’t think there is a way to change the SimpleScripts info, which thinks the forum is located at the original location.

    Does anybody know if SimpleScripts adds anything that could complicate a normal upgrade? I am a very cautious upgrader and will of course back up the data base. But I want to go into this knowing about any potential problems.

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