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Any chance members can upload photos on their profiles ?? Own albums.

  • mpesgt01


    If we use bbPress as a forum… and WordPress as a blog… and that we can add a way that the members can upload photos to their own profile… we would then almost get a social software/php script and that would be awsome !!!

    I am not a coder (i’m a web designer) but I do know that it can be possible to create this plug in.

    I just saw your next look, the bbpress 2.0 and with that plugin, a profile album, it would be it !!

    Than maybe later another plugin for same thing, but videos (either upload or grab via youtube), but this can be invented later… photos first !!

    Any chances ??? :-)

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  • MPESGT01 – That would sort of fall under the realm of BuddyPress, I would think. Still, yes, it’s possible to make a plugin. WPMU/bbPress/BuddyPress would probably do it better :)



    yeah, I tough of it… but thanks for remering it to me :-) But if I use PB,do I have to have everybody able to blog ?

    I am more looking into : the admin is blogging, the members are commenting and chatting or the forum (and be nice to add their own photos to share their moments)

    No, you don’t have to permit people their own blogs on BP :)



    My understanding of BuddyPress is that you only use the features you want. It will take more thought and planning than a simple WP instillation, but seems to have a lot of potential.



    any website knowed that have budypress and could look like what i want ?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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