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    Yes, thanks. vbulletin is actually who I found. Their base forums and blog with a month of phone support was what I quoted above ~~~ the blog is an add-on. However, I found that one of their members created a hack that SEEMS TO BE a ‘click to install’ type thing andwill integrate with wordpress ~~~ so I may only have to rework my forums template. Also, their base template has everything I want for now, except a blog. I never was trying to build any massive forum structure ~ just good working forums that people could upload their pics to and PM each other and that gave each user a title based on number of posts =)

    I was just surprised, given that several people here don’tmind taking very small donations that no one wanted to make a couple of hundred to help. No issues though. I’ll do as you suggested and go buy the vBulletin.

    Any ideas?

    Hey Thomas! Any chance of the new version coming soon? I tried to download theold version, but can’t find it anymore.

    Yeah, you happened to look at it right after I had just uploaded the site under a optimization preference in Expression Web ~~~ OOPS! Apparently php didn’t respond well to the web optimization choices I made! It’s cool though, cause the original files for my template were all stillin tact. They just get changed when publishing, so I just uploaded it again without the optimization preference and it’s back online. Sorry about that! You can see the page now.

    I know the Alexis toolbar affects your site’s rating through Alexis ~ makes sense that Google’s would do the same thing. Personally I don’t have either one installed, I hate how the extra toolbars make my browser lag when it opens. Maybe I’d be smart to add them when I get the site running smooth & ready to roll.

    I’m not surprised . . . I know so little about php that trying to use code snippets and paste them into my pages, the deleting them if it didn’t work is creating havoc for me. The code you left in the paste bin fixed my problem! =)

    This is whyI made the offer I did last night ~~~ I feel bad always having to have you do more than you would have to for someone who is well-versed in the language and design of the forums ~~~ and there are a lot of issues that I don’t know how to resolve. If I post them all, I’m going to bust the boards! LOL

    Thanks for the code, _ck_!!!! Now my subforums are showing when I click the main forum from my front page =)


    I don’t know whether I did it or if it was in the template I modified, but posting a topic in the main Dog Breed Forum didn’t correct the issue. I posted my forum.php code in the pastebin:

    Thanks,_ck_ ~ I only hope that I understand php and bbpress forums as well as you do one day!


    OH ~ and I had actually tried a copy & paste of the code that you changed through finding it in another thread, but there was some kind of error in his syntax, cause it just gave me error messages.

    That did exactly what I was wanting on the front page, but now you can’t find the subforums at all. I had thought that when I clicked the parent forum it would automatically show the subforums ~ either on the front page or on a new page. Instead, it just goes to an “Add a topic” page. Any ideas?

    Please forgive my bad spacing at times. When I’m in firefox, this doesn’t happen because of auto-spellcheck, but in IE, I miss fixing some of it. I messed up the spacebar on this keyboard and it doesn’t alway space like it should =(

    Thanks _ck_!


    OK ~ mark it as resolved ~~~ I’m just an idiot. I didn’t notice (even as many times as I’ve seen copies of the mod line) that there were NO QUOTES when you mark it FALSE. Saw that tip in another thread just a few minutes ago and tried it . … .

    I don’t get 404 error pages anymore!

    I can edit my users, read threads, EVERYTHING! =)

    Sorry I am so slow at this!

    Thanks for the help!


    Don’t have one. I got rid of it when I got turned off the pretty permalinks.

    Since I uploaded with integration in wp, what exactly should I do to delete this installation so I can try it again? I know I need to deletemy bbpress tables, but I also know that it added info to my wp tables, or at least some ofthem.



    Sorry about the site name, _ck_! I agree with your decision, much easier to get it right when I type it in!

    I’m so glad you knew where to find Omegacool ~~~ that theme is perfect!

    Thanks so much!


    I may be crazy, but when I went to that site, all I found was a bunch of ad-like links to other sites.

    Anyone know what happened to Omegacool??? Ican’t get this theme, but I saw it on and loved it! I think I would be able to work my own site’s theme into it fairly well.



    I have admin rights for ONE of my own three profiles, but that ‘fix’ didn’t change the other two and I can’t get them open to do anything to them. If I could get anypages to open, I would have a betterchance there, so I’m NOT worried about that.

    I’m worried about the 404 pages. I stated earlier all the steps I had taken and one of those steps WAS to set my mods to false. When I originally uploaded,I did have them set to ‘slugs’ ~ but they’ve been set tofalse since just an hour or so after I originally uploaded because I had found that info in the thread that I mentioned earlier.

    I just copied that line from my config.php file:

    // Set to true if you want pretty permalinks, set to ‘slugs’ if you want to use slug based pretty permalinks.

    $bb->mod_rewrite = ‘false’;

    I have just finished customizing my blog and and ready to move on to my forums, but I’m really scared to start putting that work in ~~~ and yes, it’s work for me, I don’t know css, so everything I do is a ‘trial and error’ process, as is my work in php,, C+ (you get the picture) ~~~ for fear that I’ll do it all and never be able to get pages in the forums to open.



    Sorry ~ for some reason I didn’t get an email update on this thread (or the other one that I mistakenly posted in).

    The URL is

    Be warned that TONIGHT,I’ve had a lotof trouble with my server being offiline for somereason, but that is not normally the case.

    OH ~ and the reason I signed in was to update this thread and say that I figured out how to get to my dashboard. However, within the dashboard, trying to edit users also leads to 404 pages just like clicking anythingin the main forums.



    Update ~ I can’t click any links in my wp either now. I hadn’t checked that before my last post.

    OK ~ I had all the same errors occuring and most of them were resolved by following the instructions in this post. However, I cannot open any links on the page at all. Not my profile, or anything ~~~ all of them give me a ‘file not found’ error.

    Yes, I DID have permalinks enabled, but I went in and changed the line in my config.php file to false and saved the file. I’ve double checked and it did save my change.

    Thanks in advance!


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