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I’m ready to give up

  • deesdogcare


    Obviously bbpress takes someone with a good understanding of php and I don’t have that. I have contacted 2 of you offering to pay you to help me but have heard nothing back. I didn’t want to ditch my wordpress, I liked it. I sure didn’t want to ditch either wp or bbpress after I’d worked to create templates that went with my site, but what good are templates if I can’t open the forums to my site visitors because they just aren’t working?

    I’ve had a headache over this for several days now. I’ve found another forum software with a blog that I can also buy a month of phone support for ~ total cost for forum, blog, and one month phone support = US $195.00 (can take credit card or paypal). I would still rather pay someone here who has good working forums to get mine fixed ~~~ rather than start with creating a new template. I am doing one of the two tomorrow ~ if no one here is willing to help, I will be forced to go with the other product.

    IF you are willing to help, you MUST have good, working bbpress forums running somewhere so that I can see your abilities. That’s how I chose the two members that I have already contacted. I checked out their forums.

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  • _ck_


    I’m not an official voice by any means but IMHO bbPress at this time is more of a do-it-yourself type project that is definitely non-commercial in nature. It’s also in a pre-release state which means in general it’s not ready for “primetime” if you can’t deal with working out quirks.

    If you need something commercial, especially in a hurry and have little technical experience, you need a commercial solution like vbulletin. Just be cautioned however you’ll need a more powerful server to host it’s bulk and since it’s commercial, everything for it will be cost – support, addons, etc. There’s always a trade off.



    Yes, thanks. vbulletin is actually who I found. Their base forums and blog with a month of phone support was what I quoted above ~~~ the blog is an add-on. However, I found that one of their members created a hack that SEEMS TO BE a ‘click to install’ type thing andwill integrate with wordpress ~~~ so I may only have to rework my forums template. Also, their base template has everything I want for now, except a blog. I never was trying to build any massive forum structure ~ just good working forums that people could upload their pics to and PM each other and that gave each user a title based on number of posts =)

    I was just surprised, given that several people here don’tmind taking very small donations that no one wanted to make a couple of hundred to help. No issues though. I’ll do as you suggested and go buy the vBulletin.

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