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New Pro Forums Contact Form

  • We’re really excited to announce that we’ve just put up a brand new contact form on Pro Forums for everyone so that you can submit news about bbPress, new plugins, or new templates. It’s really tough for us to keep track of every piece of bbPress news and every new release going on and so with this new contact form we hope to shed more light on some of the plugins, themes, or news we would normally have missed. Don’t be shy, if you’ve just created a new template or plugin that you are really proud of, tell us, and we’ll have it up on Pro Forums A.S.A.P. If you’ve got some breaking news that Pro Forums missed, sending it over to us and we’ll have it up as fast as we can.

    So head on over to the new contact form.

    Also if anyone has criticism or other ideas, please share.

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  • Will the email from either of these forms come to me Brad or just to you?


    They should go to both of us. I’m working on that as we speak

    Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far, keep em coming.



    I may be crazy, but when I went to that site, all I found was a bunch of ad-like links to other sites.



    I think they changed their URL at some point and forgot to update here.

    but even that is down now. I dunno what happened.

    Trent Adams


    Brad I think gave up on the project and I didn’t have a chance to at least grab the entries before it left. If I can contact him, I might start a blog with the previous entries and continue on.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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