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Users, how long does it take for Google to index your bbPress posts?

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  • chrishajer


    I noticed that it depends on how much traffic the forum gets. If the forum has lots of activity, it gets indexed more quickly. It also seems to matter if you use the Google webmaster tools like the sitemap. I notice that soon after logging into the webmaster tools to check on *whatever*, Google crawls most of my sites.

    I also see a direct correlation between how busy the forum is and how many spam registrations there are. More legitimate activity, more spammers register every day.

    It’s absolutely based on the traffic of your forum… my forum seems to have new content indexed within about 12 hours, but sometimes it might be up to a day.



    Among my installs I help maintain a very large/active bbpress forum and google sometimes indexes new pages less than a minute after they are created. It’s creepy! I think they do it based on people who have the Google Toolbar installed and browse the page.

    I’ve always wondered if that is the case… seems like they would be silly not to use that information to further their indexing.



    I know the Alexis toolbar affects your site’s rating through Alexis ~ makes sense that Google’s would do the same thing. Personally I don’t have either one installed, I hate how the extra toolbars make my browser lag when it opens. Maybe I’d be smart to add them when I get the site running smooth & ready to roll.

    This nothing to do with the amount of traffic your website receives. If your site constantly ads new content to the web, Google crawls your site more often. If you have a static site, where little new content is added, Google crawls your site less.



    How does Google know if you’ve added new content without crawling? Do they establish some sort of baseline pattern for crawling, and if you have lots of content being added between visits, they keep visiting frequently, and if you add content less frequently, they don’t visit as often?

    Depends on your domain. It takes about 1 week of the frontpage.

    All subject can take 3-4 weeks I think!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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