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    Is this a theme people would be interested in using?

    I don’t mind sharing just my CSS would need some major cleaning and will probably try to work at improving W3C compliance. Also I still think parts of my bbpress main page template aren’t working quite right =/

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    Yes, generally thats how heat maps work.

    If he is doing city then likely a text field. If it is country a pulldown might be possible… and little flags to boot!

    It is possible I would think. I am going to do some experimenting on it but if you are looking for a good plugin to deconstruct and learn from (what I am doing since I lack the skill to make something from scratch) then try looking at the Gaming Codes plugin.

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    I was going to hide it behind tags:

    <?php if ( bb_is_user_logged_in() ) : ?>

    What I wanted to do was to replace the standard:

    <?php if ( is_bb_profile() ) profile_menu(); ?>

    With other things including links for the “Your Profile”, “Edit (your) Profile”, PM Inbox, Memberslist, “Logout” etc.

    Basically I am trying tp bypass the profile_menu() non-global status along the lines of this thread that I wasn’t able to work:

    I was trying to force the URL and trying to force such a global profile menu using:

    <?php echo bb_option('uri'); ?>/profile/<?php echo bb_get_current_user_info( ' name ' ); ?>

    But that is pretty ghetto and as you can see it outputs the display name not the username so thus can’t be used for getting a link to the user’s profile…

    TinyMCE can work in just about any forum so there should be no reason it wouldn’t work.

    As for videoquicktags do you mean like bbcode? It can be done fairly simply I believe but I am not good enough at PHP to deconstruct the bbcode-lite script to make it for you since that script is so heavily optomized.


    Take a look at HTML purifier. It allows your user to use HTML but strips anything bad. That way you can use the regular YouTube embeds or whatever you like w/o need of a bbcode plugin.

    Use the “override posting restrictions ” extension and as an admin insert a contact forum script into a post and lock it.

    If you override the restrictions you can insert just about any script into a post so no reason a contact forum with captcha can’t be done.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)