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  • Ario


    bb_get_profile_link(bb_get_current_user_info( ‘id’ ))

    Is there any way to get the URL to the logged in user’s profile without all that “view your profile” junk it tacks onto the above call?

    I am trying to customize my logged-in.php into something like:


    Except I can never get it to pump out clean URLs =/

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  • function bb_get_admin_link( $args = '' ) {
    if ( !bb_current_user_can( 'moderate' ) )
    if ( $args && is_string($args) && false === strpos($args, '=') )
    $args = array( 'text' => $args );

    $defaults = array('text' => __('Admin'), 'before' => '', 'after' => '');
    $args = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );
    extract($args, EXTR_SKIP);

    $uri = esc_attr( bb_get_uri('bb-admin/', null, BB_URI_CONTEXT_A_HREF + BB_URI_CONTEXT_BB_ADMIN) );

    return apply_filters( 'bb_get_admin_link', $before . '<a href="' . $uri . '">' . $text . '</a>' . $after, $args );

    So if you don’t mind bypassing the moderation ability check, just use

    esc_attr( bb_get_uri('bb-admin/', null, BB_URI_CONTEXT_A_HREF + BB_URI_CONTEXT_BB_ADMIN) );


    bb_get_uri('bb-admin/', null, BB_URI_CONTEXT_A_HREF + BB_URI_CONTEXT_BB_ADMIN);

    depending if you’ll be escaping the URL later.

    To keep the check, use if ( bb_current_user_can( 'moderate' ) )



    I was going to hide it behind tags:

    <?php if ( bb_is_user_logged_in() ) : ?>

    What I wanted to do was to replace the standard:

    <?php if ( is_bb_profile() ) profile_menu(); ?>

    With other things including links for the “Your Profile”, “Edit (your) Profile”, PM Inbox, Memberslist, “Logout” etc.

    Basically I am trying tp bypass the profile_menu() non-global status along the lines of this thread that I wasn’t able to work:

    I was trying to force the URL and trying to force such a global profile menu using:

    <?php echo bb_option('uri'); ?>/profile/<?php echo bb_get_current_user_info( ' name ' ); ?>

    But that is pretty ghetto and as you can see it outputs the display name not the username so thus can’t be used for getting a link to the user’s profile…



    Use this:

    bb_get_profile_link(‘id=’.strval(bb_get_current_user_info( ‘id’ )).’&text=YOUR_TEXT_HERE&before=BEFORE_THE_LINK&after=AFTER_THE_LINK’);

    You can view the function here:



    Or you can just call get_user_profile_link(); function to get the simple link.

    If the user is logged in, it will automatically get the user id.

    Function can be found here –

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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