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Plugin for City/Country display

  • I am looking for a plugin with a city/country display facility.

    What I mean is the city/country display would be visible to the ALL viewers reading the forum – the display of the city/country would appear beside the posters post – possibly under his/her gravatar or under the post text he/she has just posted.

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  • Do you want to the City/Country fields to be pulldowns? Or just a text field that anyone can fill in with whatever they want…



    If he is doing city then likely a text field. If it is country a pulldown might be possible… and little flags to boot!



    The poster would have to set the city and country, or would that be automatic based on their location? When would the poster set that, if they do: once in their profile or on every topic they start or something?

    I would want the country display to be automatic i.e the poster would not have to fill in anything – the system would just “automatically know” where the poster is posting from. Is that what you call a “pulldown”? That would be my preferred option. Flags would be a very welcome bonus too.

    Ah… so like an IP detection plugin which displays the country automatically!

    I haven’t seen that on bbPress. Does it exist on WordPress? If so, it can probably be ported!



    Notice the flags at the bottom of this forum:

    I thought it was part of _ck_’s mini track plugin:

    I’m not saying this will do everything you want straight away, but the idea exist and maybe you can extend from there.

    Yes, I noticed the flags at but they only appear on the front page of the forum – I want mine to appear underneath the poster’s avatar everytime he/she posts something.

    It defeinitely exists on wordpress because I use it on my wordpress site. It is called the Comment Info Detector plugin by someone called Hieudt. I don’t know how to port plugins from wordpress to bbPress – is that something very difficult or very easy to do?

    That site is _ck_’s developer showcase… I believe she did those flags with mini-track:

    She no longer officially supports that plugin though – much of the functionality has been moved into the excellent mini-stats:

    But the flag functionality isn’t part of mini-stats, alas.

    If you know how to edit or develop WordPress plugins, you shouldn’t have a problem working with bbPress plugins! If not, then maybe you could hire a developer to help with the port…

    Ok thanks, I have got a developer working on my site and I will ask her, many thanks.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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