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  • Its a plugin you can find on

    Ah gerikg! Thanks alot! This works perfectly! :)

    I already know how to filter out subforums, but what I want (Weird request i know) is to filter out the posts who have a parent forum in the Latest Discussions.

    I also wonder if there is anyone who succeeded in making the topic icons plugin able to show a “default” icon for topics.

    Yes. I used that. But the plugin have a problem. I can only show 1 youtube video per post. Anyone had the same experience?

    Latest news:

    I made a kind of Latest Featured Articles widget on the front website.

    – I found a very neat CSS/Jquery snippet that i hooked up with the wordpress loop, added a plugin called

    “custom-field-images” so I can add image metatags on my blog posts, and then echoing the url to the featured article widget.

    The result is an image with some transparent hovering div over with headlines and excerpt + a list of the latest blog posts that are powered by Jquery to change the main image and text om click.

    It’s not a deep integration: But that’s something I will try later. :)

    Are you using id=1 as admin? Or maybe you might missed something in the integration?

    I use the same versions and first time it didn’t work at all because I installed everything in the wrong order and I had an old wp install in the DB that created conflicts, but after a fresh wipe and reinstall everything finally got working neatly.

    nested / threaded posts you mean?

    You need to integrate the user meta and the cookie integration. Seems like you made a mistake with both?

    Make sure you installed everything in this order:

    1. Clean DB (No old WP_ or bb_ tables. Clean it)

    2. Install WPMU

    3. Install Buddypress

    4. Install BbPress

    I used this guide and got it working:

    Ah but I use Buddypress and when users create groups in bp, automatical Subforums are created (Under the Parent forum id 1) in BbPress. But if I hide forum 1 (The parent), the other forum topics will still show in the latest discussions.

    And Its too painful to go and edit this afterwards. It must be automatic.

    I got some if Statement working with the forum loop. I excluded some subforums showing by using:

    `<?php if ( bb_forums() ) : ?>

    <?php while ( bb_forum() ) : global $forum; if ($forum->forum_parent != 0) continue; ?>

    <!– insert forum stuff to be looped –>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    <?php endif; // bb_forums() ?>`

    but I cant get it working with topics.

    Yeah ! It works by doing that. Thanks!

    But Is there a way to add to the query ? If there is a Forum Parent (ie, if the post lies in a subforum) I dont want to display it.

    Yeah I have the same problem. Though everything else work smooth!

    In order of importance (1 being the most critical):

    1. When I see a highlighted topic with new posts, it redirects me to the First page when I click the link.

    2. To update the “All Topics Read” I have to push this button Twice. I dunno why.

    edit: Is there like this only when I have both last read and New topics function on?

    3. [RESOLVED] I would like the topic to be automatically read after looking at it. How to achieve this?

    For now they keep higlighted until i clear all posts read. I, as a forum user, would only like to be notified if there is a topic with new posts. I dont want it to be flagged red again until it got new unread posts.

    edit: Sorry I just had to disable the


    4. It would be nice with a function to mark specific threads as read. Like If i dont want to be notified anymore of new posts in a specific thread.

    I see, I am using it now, but it doesn’t work fully on 1.01 at least.

    I still have one problem. the TinyMCE seems to strip alot of the p tags in the WYSIWYG environment when editing a post, and everything appears on one line. But after saving the changes, the post looks normal with the tags in correct place. It’s just the editing that looks strange.

    I have no idea how to solve this. I tried to add a class to each P element created but then TinyMCE wanted to create extra <p>&nbsp;</p> elements, spacing everything out in the posted text.

    nice to be able to help. Got any other question (like thread maker profile link) then I know the code for that too.

    You should flag this topic as resolved.

    Somehow both of your codes doesnt work.

    In WordPress you need to Rewind posts for faking multiple loops but it doesn’t exist in BbPress?

    @tom thanks for the core hack. I will try it, and then write a custom query for forum 17 with no pagination.

    It works now at least for Firefox. Very ugly code though. I need to structure it and make functions of everything. ^^

    I solved it by putting the formated string output into a form, and then sending to the last page (by using get_topic_last_post_link(), but It echoes a anchor id.. I want to strip the #id in the URL and change it to url+#to-post. Any Idea how I can do that?

    And I needed to make a Js timeout for a few seconds because TinyMCE wouldnt load the new information unless it is loaded itself first.

    Here is the forum:

    That is navigation for the front page, not topics.

    My topics navigation works fine with permalinks but I also have the same problem with permalinks on the latest discussion (like on

    I use Plugin: “Topics Per Page” .. I Added the replace in htaccess with no luck.

    Using bbpress 1.0.1

    Is there any other plugin or built in function that do the same trick for latest discussions?

    Seems works with permalink / latest discussion pagination.

    How do their code look like?

    I might have solved this whole business:

    BbPress MultiQuote (Based on Wp Quote Comments)

    – wysiwyg support (tinyMCE)

    – multiquote (No reloading or other problems)

    – Select area to quote and never be forced to quote the whole message.

    – Quote from previous pages (I got a solution for this. Just need to make the code)

    Might add nested quote support to it later.

    If there is any interest, I will make the code available here once Im done cleaning it up.

    Yeah Its kind of an ugly workaround but its the only way i know that works. :)

    Id also like a native rss syndication. In time it will come i think!

    Thank you very much for your replies.

    R-a-y: Thank you! The theme is a heavily modified version of Scoun.

    Although I am soon to write a new template because of the css/html isnt that great on it. ;)

    Just my way of learning the ropes.

    About the RSS feeds: I use feedwordpress plugin to feed it into my wordpress. In wordpress then, I put in some arguments to filter out the RSS feed so it won’t show up there. Somehow it still shows up in my WordPress RSS so I need to find a way to filter it out from the RSS too.

    The RSS syndication plugin can hold a number of RSS feeds with alot of options and automatically post articles.

    Then I use BBpress WordPress Synchronization plugin and when bbpress finds a new post in WordPress it automatically syncs and creates a post in one of my bbpress subforums.

    Somehow i dont want all my stuff to go into BbPress so when I write some new article in WordPress I can choose manually wether to sync this to BbPress or not.

    One thing I have an issue with is the first page; I want to make an own “Latest Discussions” loop with all forums EXCEPT RSS. And then an own “latest discussions” With only RSS forum.

    Problem is When i used this inside the loop

    //Show latest discussions with all forums except id 17
    <?php if ( $topics ) : foreach ( $topics as $topic ) : ?>
    <?php if( $topic->forum_id != 17 ) { ?>
    <?php } endif;?>
    <?php endforeach; endif; // $topics ?>

    //Show latest discussions but only forum 17
    <?php if ( $topics ) : foreach ( $topics as $topic ) : ?>
    <?php if( $topic->forum_id == 17 ) { ?>
    <?php } endif;?>
    <?php endforeach; endif; // $topics ?>

    The pagination gets an error (Shows me fewer posts than the actual limit), and I cant use the same loop (With different conditions) twice.. Then I get a blank page. :S

    So how should I do? Have any Idea? Im not so used to the bbpress loop yet..

    I posted this elsewhere but this works for me on the frontpage:

    <a href="<?php user_profile_link($topic->topic_last_poster) ?>" ><?php topic_last_poster(); ?></a>

    Yes you can mark parts of a quote, multiquote and it goes directly into tinyMCE.

    It even works with editing posts. I needed to uninstall every kind of bbCode plugins though.

    You can see the quote in action here :

    Just need to fix the Quote from another page (when multiple pages).

    Fixed everything except quoting from another page (Wich is the main issue left).

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