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How to echo "nice_username" from post_author ?

  • I use Buddypress+bbpress and in the topic or post view I want to make a link from a post author in BbPress forums to the /members/ area in Buddypress.

    Basically I just need to write a static url :<?php get nice_username from post author ?>

    How I can echo the post author’s nice_username? I need the “nice_username” or else, with post_author_name the link gets broken.

    Please help me!

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  • anandasama here’s acouple of codes that will help you. I think I know what you’re planning.

    This will put the user’s name with link to their buddypress profile:

    <?php echo post_author_link();?>

    This will get the user’s login name:

    <?php echo get_user_name( get_post_author_id() ); ?>

    This is you can send message like PM but it uses message in Buddypress:

    <a href="<?php echo get_option('home') ?>/members/
    <?php global $current_user;get_currentuserinfo();echo($current_user->user_login);
    ?>/messages/compose/?r=<?php echo get_user_name( get_post_author_id() ); ?>">Send Message</a>

    Ah gerikg! Thanks alot! This works perfectly! :)

    How do I get that social thing you use on your forum?

    Its a plugin you can find on

    I found it, but it interrupts _CK_’s attachment plugin. and I had other problems with it that hasn’t been resolved yet.


    That is a bug, I have fixed it in Social It 1.2, which is yet to be released.

    For now, check the Twittley checkbox, add some default tags in the twittley section, save and then untick Twittley and save. “

    Hi, Is there any way to replace the Last Poster with the nice_username on the home page of bbpress forum.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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