bbPress 2.6.11 is a minor release that fixes 13 relatively small bugs reported over the past few years.

Most notably, it improves HTML output escaping in the topic & reply forms (nothing serious, just some entities showing up where they should not), prevents a bunch of different debug notices from filling up error logs, and also updates some code to avoid deprecated notices from testing with the latest version(s) of WordPress itself.

All of these fixes have already been merged up into the 2.7 development branch.

If you’re paying really close attention, you may be wondering “hey John, what happened to 2.6.10?”

Well… I botched it. It’s been a while, ok? 🤦‍♂️ And 2.6.11 is good to go.

Huge thanks to Eusebiu, Kevin, and (as always) Robin W for being super fast with their feedback and just generally awesome!