Back in 2010, when we decided to make bbPress a plugin for WordPress, we opened the door to an audience bbPress previously didn’t have, both in terms of users and developers. Since then, having a bigger pool of developer resources has helped breathe new life into bbPress, and helped maintain it’s momentum with frequent releases and really great feature development.

Today, with great pride and enthusiasm, I get to announce Jennifer M. Dodd‘s contributions are being recognized by her earning core commit access to the bbPress project.

Jennifer has been a prolific bbPress plugin developer and core contributor since bbPress 2 was first introduced. Her ability to iterate and improve on core patches, her outstanding communication skills, and her knowledge of the codebase, make her a great addition to the bbPress team.

One of Jennifer’s first tasks for the bbPress 2.3 development cycle will be working on full forum search. You can follow the process on our development tracker.

Congratulations Jennifer!