Out now is bbPress 2.1!

It comes with over 150 individual fixes and enhancements since 2.0, and is considered a safe update to any site running bbPress 2.0 or higher.

Here are some 2.1 carrots to entice you to update:

  • WordPress 3.4 compatibility
  • Deprecate $bbp global, use bbpress() singleton
  • Private forums now visible to registered users
  • Updated forum converter
  • Topic and reply edits now ran through Akismet
  • Vastly improved theme compatibility
  • Fixed Akismet edit bug
  • Fixed Widgets nooping globals
  • Fixed translation load order
  • Fixed user-edit bugs
  • Fixed settings screen regressions
  • Improved post cache invalidation
  • Improved admin-side nonce checks
  • Improved admin settings API
  • Improved bbPress 1.1 converter
  • Improved BuddyPress integration
  • Improved template coverage
  • Improved query performance
  • Improved breadcrumb behavior
  • Improved multisite integration
  • Improved code clarity
  • Improved RTL styling
  • Added 2x menu icons for HiDPI displays
  • Added fancy editor support
  • Added fallback theme picker
  • Added tools for importing, resetting, and removing

Major props to the following individuals for helping make 2.1 a success: Adam Ellis, andy, alexvorn2, anointed, boonebgorges, chexee, cnorris23, daveshine, DJPaul, duck_, dudd, ericlewis, fartlek, GautamGupta, isaacchapman, jaredatch, Jason K, jmdodd, Kaspace, mamaduka, markmcwilliams, mercime, mesayre, michelwppi, mouratidis, MZAWeb, nacin, netweb, Nightgunner5, Omicron7, pavelevap, petemall, ptahdunbar, ryangannon, ryanimel, ramiy, scribu, schrepel, sorich87, thebrent, tmoorewp, tott, tungdo, valendesigns, vibol, Viper007Bond, westi, and wonderboymusic.

Go download bbPress 2.1!