In hot pursuit of BuddyPress 1.5 follows bbPress 2.0!

No longer are the days of elaborate xml-rpc connections or impossible to figure-out cookie configurations! No more are the integration woes, complex theme arrangements, or separate dashboards! bbPress 2.0 represents a complete rethink of how to fit forums inside WordPress in the simplest, most elegant way possible.

Simply by activating bbPress 2.0, any standard WordPress theme is suddenly capable of having support forums, user profiles, topic tags, and custom topic views. Your users are able to mark topics as favorites to read them later, and can subscribe to be notified via email to topic replies, so they never miss out on the conversation.

bbPress 2.0 comes with Akismet and BuddyPress functionalities baked-in, so if you’re already using either plugin, no additional configuration is required.

If you already have a previous version installed, updating to 2.0 is easy with the bbPress Importer. Move your bbPress 1.0 powered content into your new WordPress/bbPress installation and you’re ready to go. (There is already a migration plugin in the works for other forum software that promises to be pretty amazing, too!)

If you’d like to see bbPress 2.0 in action, a few brave developers have been using it on their live sites already:

In the coming weeks we’ll be moving our own forums onto bbPress 2.0, adding a codex to improve the documentation, and doing some general housekeeping here at We’ve put a lot of work into rebuilding the software, now it’s time to rebuild the site to properly support it!

Props for 2.0 go out to: andy, anointed, boonebgorges, christopher-jon, Coolkevman, cnorris23, dimadin, DJPaul, duck_, dudd, Fartlek, GautamGupta, greenshady, jaredatch, jghazally, Jason K, Kaspace, markmcwilliams, mouratidis, nacin, Nightgunner5, petemall, ryangannon, ryanimel, ramiy, scribu, schrepel, sorich87, vanillalounge, Viper007Bond, westi, and wonderboymusic.

Download bbPress 2.0