After some “last minute” bug squashing, here we are: another new bbPress release ready for download. bbPress “Desmond” 0.8.

In addition to some features we already mentioned on the blog (here’s a few to recap):

there’s a couple new ones that are among our most frequently requested:

  • Better timezone support; You’re no longer restricted to showing all your times in the timezone of your server (what an odd requirement that was)
  • Whitespace preservation of `backticked` <code> blocks.

Upgrade Note: Your custom templates and stylesheets must now be placed in a sub-directory of my-templates/ rather than in that directory directly. Try putting your files in something like my-templates/my-hot-theme/ then selecting your theme from your bbPress’ Presentation Admin panel.

To get into the nitty gritty about what’s changed, here’s a list of tickets closed and two of code changed [2] (I couldn’t get trac to show them all on one page there’s so many!).

Translators can download the POT file for bbPress 0.8.