After a month of waiting, bbPress 0.74 is finally available for download. Even if it did take a while, we’ve fixed a several important things.

Aditya has a great overview of the changes, but here’s a few of the bigger ones.

  1. init hook has been changed to bb_init for better compatibility with WordPress.
  2. When users are deleted, they’re really deleted now.
  3. Somewhat simpler installation procedure. When installing, you’ll also be informed if any of those little configuration variables are incorrectly set.
  4. A place to store options in the database! Woo!

We’ve got some slick new features we’re working on for the next release (did someone say “themes”?), so stick around….

In the meantime, read on for some more technical details about this release.

For your viewing pleasure, you can check out a list of tickets closed and code committed for this release. A list of new bugs we’ve introduced is forthcoming ­čÖé

Also, Aditya has compiled a list of the new hooks and has graciously allowed me to post them here for all you developers to see.


  • get_forums_where: Filter the Where clause to get all forums
  • get_forum_where: Filter the Where clause to get single forum
  • get_forums: Filter the forums retrieved
  • bb_get_option_{option_name}: Filter the value of the option
  • bb_get_option_from_db_{option_name}: Filter the value of the option retrieved from database
  • bb_delete_meta: Filter the delete meta data variables
  • bb_verify_email: Filter the verification of email
  • bb_title: Filter Title being displayed
  • bb_get_title: Filter the title
  • post_author_title: Filter the title of the author being displayed
  • post_author_type: Filter the Role of the author being displayed
  • allowed_markup: Filter the display of the allowed markup
  • get_allowed_markup: Filter the allowed markup
  • get_user_type_label: Filter the display of User Type (Role)
  • get_user_type: Filter the User Type (Role)
  • user_title: Filter the display of User Title
  • get_user_title: Filter the User Title
  • tag_heat_map: Filter the display of tag_heat_map
  • sanitize_profile_info: Filter the Profile Info Keys
  • sanitize_profile_admin: Filter the Profile Admin Keys


  • bb_ajax_{action_name}: Custom action for Ajax
  • bb_delete_user: Custom action when deleting user
  • sort_tag_heat_map: Hook for sorting the tag heat map
  • bb_init: Remember, init has changed to bb_init. This will break some plugins that used the init hook.