I’ve done a quick pass over the bbPress API to clean up the obvious API oddities. I’ll also soon be looking for redundant actions and filters. This may break some of your plugins, but will hopefully make things easier for everyone in the end.

There will likely be quite a few changes over the next weeks. Look ahead to a better bbPress!

  1. bb_add_user_favorite: used to pass one serialized array. Now passes two parameters.
  2. bb_remove_user_favorite: same.
  3. Action resolve_topic moved to after DB update.
  4. Same for close_topic, stick_topic, unstick_topic.
  5. Action opentopic moved to after DB update and renamed to open_topic.
  6. Filter topic_resolution added: filters resolved status. Passes topic_id as an extra parameter.
  7. bb_already_tagged: used to pass one serialized array. Now passes three parameters.
  8. Same for bb_tag_added.
  9. bb_tag_created: used to pass one parameter. Naw passes two. Order has changed.
  10. bb_tag_removed: used to pass one serialzed array. Now renamed to bb_pre_tag_removed and passes three parameters.
  11. Same with bb_tag_merged. Renamed to bb_pre_merge_tags.
  12. bb_tag_destroyed renamed to bb_pre_destroy_tag.