There have been several changes in the code over the past few weeks. Rather than explaining them in detail, I’ll just highlight the most interesting ones.

  1. Profile pages now have a (pluggable) menu through which an increasing amount of administration can be done.
  2. Like it’s cousin, usermeta, a new table, topicmeta, has joined the bbPress database family. Both meta varieties use the same code, which has seen some substantial efficiency improvements.
  3. Quick (and arguably dirty) plugination. The API’s a bit different than what’s used over at WordPress, particularly the UI API. It’s not as friendly, but it’s a trooper; it really gets the job done. Expect an simple plugin to be included in the initial release to serve as an example.
  4. Some bugs related to sharing users and/or usermeta across separate forums/blogs/etc. have been squished in order to make sure Matt tells the truth 😉

PS: A quick reminder that action and filter hooks are always up for grabs. Suggestions welcome!