Now that the official announcement is up there has been a significant amount of traffic here, so now might be a good time to address a few common questions.

Can I integrate users/login with WordPress?

I see no reason why bbPress and WordPress can’t use identical user table structures, which would make integrating between the two relatively easy. Out of the box they’ll still use different cookie names, just because things could be messy otherwise, but changing that as well wouldn’t be too hard for people implementing unified systems.

Will this be better than phpBB and PunBB?

It’s not going to be better or worse, just different. Right now it is at alpha so it has significantly less mature setup/administration tools.

How will it stay small?

bbPress uses the same plugin system as WordPress, so my goal is to keep the core as small and fast as humanly possible and let everything else happen in plugins.

Can I help out?

Absolutely! Join the mailing list and start filing some tickets.

Is it ready for me to use?

If you have to ask, probably not yet. You should only download bbPress at this point if you’re interested in contributing to the project. Making the installation and setup more user-friendly is one of the first priorities though.

Is it Free?

As a bird. 🙂