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You CANNOT call bbPress v1.0.2 stable when it breaks before step 1 of install!!!

  • Seriously! You cannot call v1.0.2 beckett stable! Before you even get to step 1…that’s right…BEFORE you get to step one it errors out! Let me repeat that. Where is it erroring out? Uh-huh, it gives errors at STEP ZERO! See screenshot:

    You get the error messages as soon as you enter to start the install script.

    You get five errors before you even think about pushing button to go to step 1. And the fact you all try to hide it (the error messages) is pretty bogus too. White text on white background? Puhleeze!

    Does anyone even test stuff before putting it out there to the public? Yes, this is a rant. Why? Well because over a week ago I posted a reply and have not gotten any answers and neither has anyone else who are having the same issue and reported it before me.

    Where the hell is Beau Lebens? You all need to let him know about this, HE will fix it in a jiffy if you tell him. Please refer to this thread for screenshots and content:

    Errors After Pure Install


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  • Mark


    Those are warnings, not errors. They are only presented when E_STRICT is on, as the PHP engine can and will disregard them and continue to compile just fine. Without looking into the problem too deep (it’s getting on, and I’m about ready for bed), off the top of my head I would suggest that the deprecated warnings are due to the fact that PHPs handling of OOP has changed mildly between v4 and 5. Objects are now passed by reference by default, whereas in PHP4 they weren’t. Since bbPress is backwards compatible to work on PHP4 (it cuts down on the snarky accusations that one might receive for being version specific), it will return warnings in PHP5 that are just that. Warnings.

    That’s the only real problem too. Turn off E_STRICT and you won’t get the remaining notices. The ‘headers already sent’ errors are due to the fact that you’re getting the deprecated warning (which outputs text to the screen, thus sending headers) before the script has completed its run.

    So… simply put, it can be called stable, as it’s purely your setup that is causing the issue, not bbPress itself.

    I don’t have strict on. I have .htaccess set to show messages, that’s it.

    Thank you for the explanation though.

    BTW, this seems to be an XAMPP/Windows error not a bbPress one!

    IIRC, there are a few topics about this issue with XAMP. Did you search the forums?

    Ben L.


    Just turn E_DEPRECATED error logging off and you’ll be fine. XAMPP/Windows isn’t the problem, it’s PHP5.3’s new E_DEPRECATED “feature”.

    Hi Nightgunner5,

    Can you tell me how to turn that off? Is there a file somewhere in the PHP folder that I would change this?


    I found this in the php.ini file.

    So all I have to do is change –

    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED

    to this –

    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

    Would that be correct? Anything else I should do? Also, does this mean that I can turn ON error logging again via my .htaccess file for everything else? I like to have the error logging enabled in case I install a plugin or something this way I would know when it is broken.

    This is the code I use in the .htaccess –


    php_flag display_startup_errors off

    php_flag display_errors off

    php_flag html_errors off

    So again I would like to turn the switches back to ON but at the same time not show the errors in bbPress regarding the DEPRECATED stuff.


    Hmm, okay that isn’t working.

    Using error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE still shows the warnings for my bbPress

    How do I do this properly?

    I’m not even sure php.ini is the place to do this because even if I totally remove the error_reporting line from the php.ini file it still shows the errors. Even if I set: display_errors = Off it still shows errors.

    So what file am I supposed to be editing?

    Ben L.


    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED should actually remove those errors. Something must be wrong with your server configuration.

    Having the same problem. Turning it off doesn’t work for me either

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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