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Errors After Pure Install

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  • bbPress 1.0.3? you mean trunk. right?

    I would suggest downloading a fresh copy, then replacing bbPress files. Try again and come back.

    The “Depreciated” error is caused by PHP complaining that the code is using an old-fashioned way of passing variables. The 2nd error is complaining that PHP has just output text when it shouldn’t have done (since it just gave error text).

    The short-term fix would be to look in your PHP’s php.ini and check allow_call_time_pass_reference is set to On, but I don’t know why your xampp would’ve shipped with it Off since mine came On or why it’s calling things like that in bbPress. So yep, re-download. That’s not an error caused specifically by a trunk build though ;)

    Yes I meant bbPress 1.0.2 and not 1.0.3.

    I downloaded a fresh bbPress and unzipped it into the directory. Installed anew, still nothing.

    Regarding php.ini its…

    ; allow_call_time_pass_reference

    ; Default Value: On

    ; Development Value: Off

    ; Production Value: Off

    Ashfame, I followed your tutorial for integrating WP with bbPress. That didn’t work, so I decided to install bbPress byitself without integration. But its still not working :(


    Possibility is that you missed out something as the tutorial works flawlessly. You can always integrate at a later date. Whats the problem now? To integrate just fill all the values mentioned in the tutorial on the WP integration options under the Settings option.


    I turned off error reporting, and all is well. Thanks Kawauso and Ashfame for your time :)

    I have this exact same problem as Sharpmouth in his first post up top here. EXACT, same error messages, same line numbers everything. DITTO for the second image he posted.

    I also did the integration with wordpress during the install of bbpress and I followed it exactly, I had no trouble whatsoever, I skipped nothing but after clicking the final button to finish the installation I got the message it installed, but with errors.

    @ ashfame you said, “Possibility is that you missed out something as the tutorial works flawlessly.”

    I think your comment was snarky in my opinion. The tutorial got me through the installation but it doesn’t mean it worked flawlessly because following the instructions still ended up with results at end of install. Truth is I don’t think these errors have anything to do with the documentation on how to install, it has to do with the bbpress code itself. The code is broke regardless what a piece of paper (the tutorial) says about it.

    @SharpMouth – your final message says you got it to work but to me it only sounds like a bandaid but the issue is still there even though you figured a way to hide the messages. You said you fixed it, does that mean you can click on the links to go to the bbpress Admin area or to LogOut, LogIn without getting the “headers already sent out” garbage?

    How did you turn off error reporting? Better yet, what steps exactly did you take to fix everything to finally get it all to work? Remember, I am having the exact same results as you after the install, so please tell me what you did to get everything to work for you. Much appreciated, thanks.

    Here are some extra screenshots, ones that SharpMouth didn’t post himself when he was having issues.

    This first one was barely visible it had the error messages as white text on white background so I selected all the text so you could read it.

    These next two are just showing the installation log. I blacked out personal info not needed by you.

    For the screenshot below – As you see here in the red message box it says it completed but with minor errors. It isn’t referring to the error messages I highlighted in the first screenshot it is referring to the error about keymaster email not going out.

    I found out after a couple hours more searching on the web that you can use this code below to hide php errors, enable a private log of the errors, and also protect the error log from outsiders.

    # suppress php errors from showing publicly

    php_flag display_startup_errors on

    php_flag display_errors on

    php_flag html_errors on

    # enable PHP error logging

    php_flag log_errors on

    php_value error_log ../PHP_errors.log

    # prevent access to PHP error log

    <Files PHP_errors.log>

    Order allow,deny

    Deny from all

    Satisfy All


    @SharpMouth – was this what you were referring too? Is this what you used to stop the error messages from showing? This would hide the error messages but it doesn’t fix the actual problem. Can you tell me if you ever got the actual problem fixed, and if so, how?

    Much appreciated.



    Hi all,

    I have the exact same issue as shown in the first picture, I have spend HOURS, even days trying to sort this, and i’d prefer to not use the band-aid approach. An actual solution.

    I’m very eager to see where this thread goes, there must be a fix

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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