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Plugin – Member List

  • ardentfrost


    Here’s one I hope you all enjoy.

    This plugin and helper files allows you to link to a member list page, which by default displays the username, user title, home page, join date (with some easier-to-read formatting), and I left in some commented out code for post count if you have my post count plugin installed (if not, you might want to delete those lines from memberlist.php).

    Additionally, you can click the colum title for Username and Join Date and get the list sorted by that column. Furthermore, if you click the same column again, it sorts it by the column in descending order.

    Lastly (and the coolest part in my opinion), admins will see an extra part to the table that will allow you to delete users (as many or few at one time as you want). Users without the ability to delete users will not even be able to see the added cells or submit button.

    To see the member list in action, visit (the link is at the top). You won’t be able to see the cool admin parts of the table, of course ;)

    To download the plugin, visit

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  • The only bit of code I changed in front_page.php was adding this line:

    <li class=”view”>“>Member List

    ?php if ( $bb_current_user->ID ) : ?>

    <div id="viewdiv">

    <h2><?php _e('Views'); ?></h2>

    <ul id="views">

    <?php foreach ( get_views() as $view => $title ) : ?>

    <li class="view"><a href="<?php view_link(); ?>"><?php view_name(); ?></a></li>

    <?php endforeach; ?>

    <li class="view"><a href="<?php bb_memberlist_link(); ?>">Member List</a></li>



    <?php endif; else : // $forums ?>

    I’m sure it’s something simple but i don’t know php. :(

    Sorry, that was supposed to read, “adding this line:

    <li class="view"><a href="<?php bb_memberlist_link(); ?>">Member List</a></li>

    Make it simple for now until Ardenfrost can answer! Change that line to:

    <li class="view"><a href="">Member List</a></li>

    Just add in your actual URL (hardcode it!)


    That I can do! (I wasn’t sure if I should delete any <?php ….> stuff, but that works!) Thank you very much for your help and patience!

    This was like one of those light bulb times for me – like years ago when I realized you could have an image link inside an href tag. Now I know you can have a php snippet inside one as well. It’s the little things. :D Thanks again –



    since I use the function bb_get_option('uri') to build the link, I have no clue why it would be showing up as /forums instead of /bbpress for you. I assume it’s correct in your config.php file?

    lol, that is the way it seems to work!


    arden, here’s what’s in the config file:

    $bb->domain = '';

    $bb->path = '/bbpress/'

    Is that what you mean?



    yeah, so, this is what’s in functions.php (core file)

    function bb_get_option( $option ) {

    global $bb;

    switch ( $option ) :

    case 'uri' :

    return $bb->domain . $bb->path;



    So, all it does it return those exact two things you posted concatenated together. It makes no sense for the developed link to have a /forums/ in it.

    Is the config file the only place function.php looks for path info?

    How would I go about excluding specific user id’s from display? Thanks in advance…



    cocotrp, you can exclude IDs by modifying the mysql queries and changing

    WHERE user_status = 0


    WHERE user_status = 0 AND user_id NOT IN (1,2,3,4)

    1,2,3,4 are the user_id’s you don’t want to be displayed.

Viewing 12 replies - 51 through 62 (of 62 total)
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